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To purchase a printed copy of any book online you can use the Paypal option or contact me to arrange payment. Or for a Kindle (Amazon) version click on the link. For those who do not Kindle, I can post you a hard copy. Let me know at info@aprildanann and we can work something else out....

These books are an important read for those who are working as Healers, Lightworkers, massage, counseling, walking the spiritual path, energy workers and hands on healing of any kind. I would suggest you begin with Closing the Energy Leaks© - then take it from there....Enjoy! 

The Pagan Diet©

This is a book about my journey to achieve weight loss, reduce inflammation in my body and change the course of my life- using fasting and Master Cleanses. I have been saying it since I started back using regular fasting in my life - this has completely changed my life and I will never go back to living any other way. Day on/Day off food, fast and feast is all about walking in the footsteps of the ancient Pagans who lived long, healthy and prosperous lives by following the path of the sun around the calendar. Using the simple tools of clean water and food I show you how this is done. 
Closing the Energy Leaks©

My work is often defined by my technique of Closing the Energy Leaks (Windows) which I have developed and deepened over the past 12 years or so. This book walks you through this energy technique from start to finish; how to do it, when to use it and why. It is also a workbook and will have you actively engaged in gaining deeper insights from your body while learn how to make Closing Windows work for you. 

Angel Files - Behind the Veil

Here I go into detail about the industry behind the energy entities and the way that our world is now teeming with life from other places. Not all of this is good and most should be avoided, I discuss in detail the Fallen Angels and provide inside information from an Intuitive and Energy Therapist on working around and dealing with energy. 

Universal Energy Laws

If you want to understand more about energy, working with energy as a therapist or just the things that you come across in your own practice and life this book explains and explores many aspects of the energy field, energy exchange, attachments, fallen angels, self protection and much more. A must read for those who are sensitive to energy and working in any capacity in the healing arts. 

The Way to Heal - Body, Mind & Soul

This is the diet that I followed to overcome cancer, get sugar and other toxins out of my diet and to basically change my entire life from one of feeling sick, desperate and disconnected to being in charge. With over 65 of the recipes that I used for a full 5 years following cancer this book gets you started on your own path to physical and spiritual wellness. Included are sections on exercise, social eating, health and wellness, plastic, water and practical advice about living in the world as we know it. 

The Honey Project (BSc Hons Thesis on Irish Honey)

This is my honors paper - a comparison study project of honeys from around the world against local Irish produced natural comb honey. Being a keen bee keeper myself, I have long been interested in bees, honey and the current crisis facing the bee keeping industry. This study raises some interesting questions and highlights unique properties of honey.  

The Way to Exercise - Building a Strong Immune System

Exercise is fundamental to our function as human beings here on this planet, we cannot live long healthy lives without incorporating some forms of movement into our days. And as I show you in this book, it is straight forward, even easy to get motivated to get moving. Here I discuss detox, cleansing, diet and the relationship to immune function - each of which improve through daily physical activity. 

You Can't Get There From Here - The Story of My Awakening

This is my personal story (so far!) about the many pivotal points in my life that have brought about my own shift towards seeking higher consciousness and the many wake-up calls that I have received over my lifetime starting at about age 12. This book is a candid discussion from my heart showing you where I came from to get where I am now - knowing that many of you are standing at an open door, this is a book about change and hope. 


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