Medical Intuitive Readings

Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition is the art of knowing, using information from your physical body as a tool to gather insightful wisdom, facts and information that will assist in shifting, changing, healing or furthering you on your journey. I have been working in this capacity for over 25 years and combine it with Nutrition, Naturopathic Principles and Energy Therapy consulting, to offer greater depth to each session.

A professional Medical Intuitive reading is a highly specialised area of expertise requiring great skill and extensive training. It is life changing for the person on nearly every level. 

You do not have to be 'sick' or unwell to avail of Medical Intuition - this is also not a therapy or a treatment. An intuitive reading is an opportunity to listen to your body and gain useful insight (biological information) into how to move forward in your life. 

This can be through healing some physical condition, removing energy blocks and resistance, getting started on a spiritual quest, uncovering deep emotional patterns operating in your life - or all of the above linked together in some way.

This work is done in person at my clinic in Skibbereen or over the phone by prior appointment. All full physical/emotional/spiritual Medical Intuitive readings start at €355. Smaller physical reading only sessions are still available.


Nutrition & Body Balance Consulting

As a Clinical Nutritionist, I assist each person and provide the support needed to make the changes to their diets that will enable optimal physical health as well as create the impetus to move forward spiritually.

You are the energy of the Food you eat.

You cannot continue to eat in the same manner and expect to live in a spiritual body. You have been pushed out of your body by the junk labeled as food and now you have to get yourself back in. The only way to do this is through right diet for a spiritual lifestyle.

If you practice as a care giver, healer, teacher, or if you handle food, children and so on, you must change the way you are eating, alter your lifestyle and focus on looking after your own energy to better serve others.

Change starts with you.

The Pagan Diet (Intermittent Fasting)

Sometimes you might need a kick-start for losing the excess weight, detoxing, deep tissue healing or just getting your life back on track in some way. 

For personalized advice as well as a reading on your starting point, a session can be done with a focus on how, when and why to start incorporating fasting into your life. 

A plan can be developed for healthy eating, steady weight loss or  healing as well as safely detoxing years of accumulated toxins out of your system.
This is the path to a new you!

Regular Medical Intuition Reading Full Body €355

or come in for an all natural, non-invasive Naturopathic Treatment with a focus on physical blocks - book with April today!