April Danann

Medical Intuitive, Naturopathic Nutritionist, Energy Therapist

Mob: +353 (0)87 236 1616 

                     email:                                                    West Cork, Ireland

To Place an Order

To place an order for any of my handmade, wild crafted products & goods please contact me by ringing 0872361616, text or email at 


To book a session with me, it is usually easiest to text or email. But ringing will do just fine as well :) If I can’t answer, please leave a message with your name and contact details and I will be back to you promptly.

I specialise in Medical Intuition for Health & Healing - where I combine my extensive clinical experience with Nutrition, Fasting for health, care of the skin, Practitioner support & safety, inner child therapy (pregnancy support), trauma and PTSD, post viral syndromes, hormone balancing and general well-being. I look at the entire person - body, mind and spirit as we should not be separated into compartments.

Practitioners are the people who see others and need especially to know their own energy, their own boundaries and how this all works together- it is vital that you do this work on yourself.

email or ring +353 (0)87 236 1616 to set up the appointment. I mainly work over the phone and have for more than 20 years, however if you would like to see me in person, I have a clinic in Skibbereen, West Cork.

These sessions are priced according to what you want to achieve and how much you would like to uncover within yourself. The reading is done prior to the session and is included in the price- this is a 1 or 2 page report on the information your body is sharing or storing within your energy field- and will provide guidance on your current state of health and consciousness.

The cost reflects my output of energy required to take you there and back, safely.

·  A Regular Session is €355, this lasts over an hour and half and includes a full body scan which is completed prior to the appointment, plus written notes on the findings, an individualized copy of my book Closing the Energy Leaks© and relevant articles on the topics discussed. This is in-depth and deeply spiritual process and will guide you to higher ground- past and current issues and all aspects of health are examined.

·  An in-between session €255, for an hour, included short reading and discussion of the results. Nutritional counseling, health and wellness issues. A Nutritional scan is done prior to the session or telephone conversation with April, where the findings and relevant issues are discussed.

·      A mini session is available for €130, a short reading will be included as well as a brief discussion of the findings.

·  Medical Intuition Intensive €777 is available for those whose focus is broader and want to include emotional, spiritual, mental as well as physical aspects of their current state of being. This session will last about an hour and half and will cover underlying patterns linking each of these areas while looking for any blocks to healing and growth.