Monday, 30 September 2013

Over Protective??? (a bit of a Spiritual Rant!)

Is there such a thing as over-protective in the spiritual world?

Today (and perhaps all my life) I have been pondering this concept. However, the first thing it does for me now is conjure up a conversation (criticism?) I had with someone about my parenting way back shortly after my first child was born.

I was told I was an ‘over-protective’ mother.

It was meant in a negative way and I took it to heart…..then made a decision regarding my child (putting him in crèche for his ‘social’ development at 13 months old) that I lived to regret in short order.

That is another story for another post….but these two situations are not all that different from each other. Our inner child (as well as our outer child) both need protecting….in fact for any vulnerable parts of our beings we need healthy boundaries and defence mechanisms.

On a physical level that means our immune systems should be in good working order – because this is a gut mediated function that also means we should pay particular attention to our digestive function. Then we can change diet or lifestlye and make adjustments accordingly….

However, from a spiritual standpoint what on earth does ‘self protection’ really mean? I am old enough (and been around these parts long enough!) to remember the old ways and means of surrounding yourself with a bubble of white light, calling in someone or other (just who ARE these beings anyway?)….

And, well, that’s all that is needed to protect your body, mind and spirit (read inner child, spiritual DNA, soul) from any harmful and ill intentioned beings who might be floating (crashing the party, breaking in, or otherwise skulking) around the vicinity.

Yeah right, like any of that actually works…..!

Believe me, if some malicious, angry intruder (read energy vampires from any dimension,) wants into our world, they won’t be stopped by a bubble! Just ask the bubble, or anyone who’s been working in other dimensions for some time, or better yet, let me tell you more.

I remember days when I would just be at home after a weekend course (studying nearly anything from a spiritual perspective) doing my normal stuff and be absolutely inundated by dozens of beings that had somehow ‘attached’ to my energy field throughout the time I spent at the workshop.

How do I know this was happening? I’m an intuitive, so I just ‘know’, I also see, feel and sense them around me….then, there were the physical symptoms of being either drained or hyper, aches and pains, spacy or lightheaded, headaches, cravings for sugar and an inability to focus (have I missed anything?).

There were times when it seemed as if the gates were left wide open and every being from the universe was just wandering around waiting to have a chat with me. But during the course of the ‘spiritual’ weekend, I had done several things to ‘protect’ myself so this wouldn’t happen.

Of course this means a couple of things here, one is that there are those who need our help (genuinely), mean no harm to us but have no other way to get in touch with us. And then there are those who are simply part of the criminal element of our world and barge into any door (energy leak) that is open.

What part of ourselves are we protecting and whom are we protecting ourselves from? And does it ever get to the point of using self protective mechanisms that end up working against ourselves….?

I have been working on these specific situations common to those who work in the healing, helping, counseling and therapy professions for quite sometime….there are answers and there is protection.

If you want to learn more, understand what and why this is happening and what you can do about it; come on out to my class next week on Protecting Yourself inthe Healing (or any) Professions.

It can be done, it should be straight forward and simple and it is.

Jars of healing comfrey cream.....lovely!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Spiritual Questions - Walking the Path

This Journey is within.......

I see people all around me trying to cope with these changing times – struggling with all that there is to deal with. The financial pressures, the reality on the ground here right now on this planet and the way in which spirituality has become a commodity to be negotiated like any other.

Well, our spiritual selves are not a bargaining chip to be lost or gained as part of the recession – however, these uncertain times may indeed be a direct result of our spiritual lessons here on earth.

After all, the earth is walking her path too…..and she is a tough act to follow.

So, every now and then I get asked some questions about walking the spiritual path (LOL) and I try my best to answer them as honestly and clearly as possible. One of the most common things I hear people struggling with is how much things will change. But there are many other important question as well. I have listed some of them below…..

How do I get started on my path?

Make a serious decision to leave negativity and darkness behind you, take one step in that direction and you are on a higher path. The main thing here is to follow through on each insight, adjust your attitude and keep going.

Why am I doing this?

Weeelllll, just as it says in some of the most sacred texts on the planet, we are living in darkness on a lower road leading to death and destruction. In order to move away from that dangerous place, we must move into the light (it all sounds so easy LOL) and begin the process of taking our ‘life’ back. Operative word here is LIFE. The end result of walking a spiritual path must be a living, healthy gut, mind, body and soul.

What parts of me will change the most?

All parts will change for you, your body will heal (that’s why you change your diet) your emotional and energetic selves will strengthen and re-pattern (healing and sealing the gut) but spiritually will be the most significant.

Where can I go for support/information/guidance and assistance?

While there is no ‘association for people walking the spiritual path’ (yet LOL) there is roadside assistance available to those who have difficultly along the way. One thing to focus on here is that this is an inner journey as well as an outer path – whenever we find ourselves in trouble help will come. One thing to remember however, is that it may not be in the form you are accustomed to. Finding the resources deep inside of you is key here.

How will I know when I am home – and this path is at an end?

Your life will have come back to you, better then it ever was before. This path will change many times as you walk it. Each time you hit a wall, block or energy vampire, expect to have to work your way through each obstacle and then find yourself lifted onto a higher road.

How much will I have to give up from my life as I know it right now?


Any other questions?


Monday, 9 September 2013

Who Might I Be – Without the Fear?

What is fear exactly and how does it play a role in our lives? Might it be is only what they say in the dictionary – an emotion brought about by a perceived threat, a basic survival mechanism and the ability to recognize danger?

Or is it so much more?

Could it also be the absence of love as some would insist or is it the result of an emptiness – when enough of us has left, been lost, stolen, pushed down and gone missing (from energy loss and energy vampires), do we only then fill up with fear or was it always there ready to rise up?

What might I have become if I could have lived my life up until now without fear

If I have never been exposed to bullying….nightshades, toxins, chemicals, medication, hurt, shame and sadness, or far worse, ‘others’ fear….what might I be, that I am not now. And how far could I go….

Does our life’s potential change when we are free from fear? Will our mission, purpose, hopes, dreams and desires suddenly and miraculously materialize from some far off place.........

In this moment I am working on removing fear from my life – it is a monumental task – and I began by refusing to give up, give in or otherwise let fear be a factor in anything I am doing….

On my way……

Irish field in West Cork