Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Breaking the Silence - It's Not All Bad....

Open up any newspaper these days and listen to any program on the radio or television – and you will hear the exact same thing you heard 5 years ago, 15 years ago and perhaps 50 years ago….

The bad news – crime, wrong-doing, pillaging, violence, sickness and a complete lack of good. It’s all there, nothing apparently changes and what a mess we are in (according to those who try to control the airwaves).

Yet, there is so much good in the world (whether we hear about it or not) – it is around us each and every day. Sometimes we are even steeped in it – and probably wouldn't know it because of this layer of dark energy that somehow manages to keep positivity out.

In my own life – I could feel (and see) how the negative stuff would get in through my filters. It would almost be drawn towards me, then sucked in more deeply – by toxins, parasites and these ever present Energy Vampires who feed off if it.

And then, far too often the good things, kindnesses, and uplifting vibes – would bounce back to wherever they came from. This wall of heavy energy was around me so tightly and for so long –

I thought it belonged.

Someone might say something ‘nice’ to me or appreciate something I had done or said – and it would not register with me. The only thing I could understand was to be critical of myself and not take anything ‘good’ on-board.

If any of this sounds even remotely familiar to you (and I know I am not alone) this is part of a deeply ingrained pattern of self-deception. Only, it is not designed by you it was designed ‘for’ you….for me this started after I had glandular fever.

A virus got into my system, tore me down and ravaged my energy stores for months on end. It took me 15 years and a complete diet change to even begin to combat the chronic fatigue.

However, it has taken me until now to ‘overcome’ the dark viral energy envelope that lodged in my nervous system and surrounded my body, then sent chills down my spine whenever it reared it’s head.

These heavy energy patterns which we all carry around, fight with each day of our lives and are triggered by electromagnetic waves and frequencies – can be dealt with by rising above them (ramp up our immune systems).

In fact all of this (what ever it is that pulls us down) can be overcome – take steps today to bring your energy higher. To rise, to raise yourself and your family up – exercise, drink clean untreated water, change your diet (remove sugar, eat organic, wholefoods, grow your own vegetables), follow your dreams – and do not give up on yourself.

Today was perhaps the first time – when someone said something kind to me – I heard it. My entire body heard, it has always been listening – but the words were no longer distorted….

 and it was good. 


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Raise Your Spiritual Vibration - Health & Healing

I mentioned on one of my other blogs how I recently came across an article written by someone who was supposedly in the know about all things frequency and cellular vibration. I was curious and read the article over looking for something I might have missed in my own life....

This person gave some advice on how to get started on raising your vibration upwards into a spiritual sphere. At least that is what I assume it meant, because this aspect of higher consciousness wasn’t particularly discussed in any detail.

They did go into specifics about how to focus your mind on only the positive aspects of your life. To shut out all negative thoughts and to practice random acts of kindness as well as to stay healthy and ‘eat right’.

If any of the above things were clear – they would most likely be a great idea. However the vague assumption that anyone might know how to shut out negative thoughts (I wouldn’t ask anyone to close any part of their mind off) or what ‘eating right’ actually means on the spiritual path – might be a stretch.

When perfectly clear – of what to do, how to do and why we must do something – kindness is something that begins with ourselves. If we cannot be kind to our own personal beings – we are not spreading a warm and fuzzy energy around the world either.

Still, each of these things are good and will enable you to feel better about the world around you as well as yourself (during some part of the day at least) when taken seriously enough and when practiced often enough.

However, raising your vibration is NOT an isolated spiritual event that can be obtained through ‘thought’ alone. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible (not to mention false) to go through life in a positive bubble - what do you do with the negative stuff/patterns/habits/fears if not dealt with?

Anything worthwhile begins with a desire or a wish to create it...however, then every step must be taken to bring that dream into a solid or multi-dimensional reality. 

Therefore, I might even be tempted to state – Increased cellular vibration cannot take place through any use of your thoughts – at least not in a permanent structural way necessary to maintain that particular frequency for any period of time.

A vibrational shift must take place on each and every level of our humanity (body, mind and spirit) – this will not necessarily take place all at the same time – however, it starts and ends with the physical body. 

You know – the flesh and blood we live in that’s supposed to be our temple (and to be treated as such).

This body is our home, our house and the place of residence for our minds and souls. It’s the place where it all happens – a vibrational shift or rise in cellular frequency takes place at the level of the tissues then moves out into the energy field (which must also be replenished, repaired and healed just like any other part of us).

You cannot do any of this work – or indeed even walk a spiritual path on this planet without wholesome living food, clean chemical free water, healing herbs as medicine and exercise.

These things are not optional. 


Monday, 15 April 2013

Holding On – Or Being Held On To? Energy Work & Healing Goes Two Ways…

Lately I have read and come across a lot of articles and things being said about releasing energy. And that is great – in one way at least. We all have lots of things we pick up along the way, stuff that should and could be let go of.

I remember years ago wondering just how I was going to manage to release all that I was carrying for others. I knew what it was, could sense it around me and saw in my own life how energy that was not my own was creating blocks in my energy field (and holding me back).

Then I came up with Closing the Energy Leaks© and life proceeded from there. It was and is fantastic to have this technique to work with to support my energy field through releasing as I walk my spiritual journey.

Letting go of things or releasing as we all know it – is healthy, healing and should allow us to move forward in new and meaningful ways. One of the most important aspects of this work is we can align more easily with our own destiny once we are free of cumbersome energy.

But I have noticed one tiny detail here that no one appears to be talking about….(I know, leave it to me to bring it up). We can release energy that is not our own until the cows come home….

However, what happens when our energy is not being released in the same manner. What I mean is this – all energy is a two way street (something comes in, something goes out). When you release something – it creates a vacuum, something will come in to replace it.

Ideally that something should be your own energy coming back (or rising up) to take it’s rightful place. When this piece of energy you are seeking is still being held onto by others, (for a host of reasons) then what do we do?

For me, virtually nothing worked at getting my energy returned to me until I started fasting and doing deep detoxes. Then with my cellular vibration rising (the more toxins were removed) my own energy field gained in it’s power of attraction.

The bottom line here is – you can release and release and end up letting go of yourself. There comes a time when you need to get moving towards your unique destiny – it is time to get your energy back.


Monday, 8 April 2013

Pure Earth Energy - Healing With Water

Some of the worst things I have done to my body over the years I used to think have all involved medication of some sort – usually antibiotics. I never (thankfully) took any other kind of drugs…the medication (not that much) did enough damage all on it’s own.

And I can say without any doubt – those drugs did far more harm to my body then any amount of poor food, high stress, overwork and whateverelse I put my body, mind and spirit through for decades of my life.

However, how many of us would look back and think (or realize) that drinking treated, filtered or bottled (in plastic) water might be equally harmful to our bodies? Or at least – not contribute to the functions normally expected of water in a healthful way.
I am thinking about this and bringing this up right now because I am finding myself only now in a position to heal, reverse and otherwise change the mess made of my gut from those antibiotics and lack of clean water.

Of course at the time I thought I had no choice but to drink the dirty water or take the antibitics – otherwise how would I heal a kidney infection…I have since healed far more without the use of medication, using only water and herbs. But, the best part of living this way is – there are no toxic side effects.

My focus has been on herbs for quite sometime. Certainly it was then, but I felt pressured to clear the infection quickly. Now, I know far more about how our bodies work (the energetic component needs to release at the same time) and only then will real healing take place.

This cannot be done with medication of any kind – herbs, clean water, real food – are the only substances capable of interacting with health and healing on an energetic level. However, water is the main substance to focus on during any healing process because of its ability to hold energy or memory.

Water from the earth (without being changed or filtered) is pure earth energy – taking on those qualities, memories and subtle vibrations as it moves along. When we do a fast or a cleanse using clean fresh water, we not only heal our physical bodies but also our emotional, spiritual and energetic selves as well.

This is when true healing occurs (an infection is not being pushed down into an inflammation when you flush it out) on all levels and dimensions of our beings. We are not complicated, our healing is equally as simple – and everything is here that we need.

Always has been.


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spiritual Bullies - Wreaking Havoc with Our Spiritual DNA

It feels as if I am on a new theme here in some ways. It is obvious to me how since I finished my last cleanse – I have been working my way through more spiritual aspects of myself and trying to sort out what is mine and what is not.

One thing I do know for certain is that some of our genes are on spiritual DNA and these must be activated in order for us to reach higher states of human consciousness. I was dreaming of these things last night and it has been on my mind constantly.

So, I woke up thinking about spirituality (again!) and mulling over in my mind all the spiritual bullies I have come across over the years, how they have interfered with my own spiritual goals and who they have been in my life…and it’s not what you might think either.

I am not talking about those people who would insist on you believing in their own personal beliefs or even those who dominate the conversation with their own spiritual exploits….

No, they are still on a path and for the most part you will find very sincere people who are learning and living as best they can. The people I would refer to as bullies are far more dangerous, they are manipulative and are not in the least spiritual.

So why are they spiritual bullies you might ask?

Because they steal, rob, borrow and otherwise pilfer ‘your’ spiritual self in order to wear it as their own. If our spirituality was something like a special cloak covering our energy fields (think of shimmering, glowing, gossamer wings) – this has been taken away (bits, pieces or in it’s entirety) and is now being worn by someone else.

A person who bullies us for any reason, does so to gain something. The point of bullying is to take a piece of a person that you feel you do not have inside of yourself (such as our unique spiritual DNA). Because all things are energy, an exchange then takes place, the person being bullied carries the dark energy while the bully walks away with the light.

There are bullies in every area, all walks of life and any part of you can be bullied. Often when we are physically bullied, this carries over into energetic, spiritual, emotional and whatever else we are as humans.

Now – what to do about it? Well, for myself I moved away from one or two of the worst situations and people who were in my life many years ago. And yes, I am still dealing with the fallout, healing, fixing, clearing and taking back bits of myself that I had felt were lost….

Thankfully, energy being what it is, we can call it back from wherever we have left it, when we have cleared and created space– I refer to this as ‘Closing the Energy Leaks’. It works and has changed my life patterns where spiritual bullies are concerned.