Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Stop, Breathe, Listen and Be Part of It All - Intuition

Sometimes I just feel as if I need to come right out and just say it - all of it. Of course, there is one little problem, I am still trying to sort out what ALL of it is LOL. So, I have to settle for coherent sentences for now...

Well, it has been a wild few days - but only in terms of energy shifting around me while I do this cleanse. It has moved and brought up far more this time around then ever before - making me think that I am finally getting to the bottom of the barrel.

It has been quite a trip so far - I am certainly looking forward to continuing to get myself back to 'myself'. One thing that has risen to the surface so to speak is my intuition. It appears to be deepening, changing in some way.

I find this quite interesting because I have long relied on my intuition to 'tell' me things, guide me or to let me know in which direction to go. So, this is as per usual - however, what has shifted is the type and amount of information that is coming up.

The reason I wanted to mention this is perhaps because I have had many occasions over my life time to speak with new mothers, therapists, healers, those walking a spiritual path, sick people and others who are feeling confused about where to go or how to proceed in their lives. 

One of the underlying fundamental missing elements here is their intuition.

Of course, their intuition is 'there' in their bodies - however they are either not listening to it or being told to ignore it, push it down and even in many instances feeling (or being told) that what their body is saying, is wrong.

What is worse is that this precious sixth sense is often scoffed at....

Recently I spoke with a first time new mother, she had serious misgivings about some advice being given to her by a doctor and mentioned to him that her intuition was telling her to take a different approach with her baby.

Once he had completely dismissed her opinion, her intuition and her doubts - she knew she was not being taken seriously as a human being as well as a new mother who knows her baby best. Thankfully she decided to listen to her gut feeling and everyone was well served because of it.

This is only one 'function' of our inner knowing, body's voice or this sense that comes over us when we need to be guided in some way by our bodies. It is an important, vital and useful tool to have, and I have no doubt it has saved not only my life, but countless others.

If you are not listening, not yet paying attention or don't know where to start to find that inner voice - change your diet, start exercising and practice listening to your body. The voice is there - it's just buried under the crowd of toxins, electronic waves and nonsense interference we walk through each day.

Why is this so important? This voice is part of your inner communication systems - this world is toxic, and so mixed up sometimes, however, it still has so much goodness, wonder and great things to offer us. Your intuition is like a doorway into these worlds....

Stop, breathe, listen and be part of it all


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Friday, 22 February 2013

Remove the Body Blocks....and You Will Move Too

This is one area I have a lot of experience in - mostly because I have spent the better part of my life working on energy blocks, resistance, inflammation, deep emotional patterns and what not - all of which are related to some kind of body block.

One of the reasons I wanted to bring this subject up is because I encounter so many people who have one situation, pattern, spiritual matter, health issue or emotional problem to sort out - however they treat it as separate from the rest of their lives and bodies.

If you are working on something (anything) no matter if it's physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual - each area relates back to each other. But what is more important, when there is a block (or issue) in one area, there is equally a corresponding block in these other parts of you.

You (and not one of us here on this planet) do not exist as a separate entity - you are not only connected to the whole (entire Universe or Oneness), but all of this also resides inside of you. When there is a block - this could be a physical problem such as a pain in a muscle but it will also be a region of stagnant energy, spiritual detachment and emotional patterns.

How this manifests in your life is by never getting where you want to be. Always working for someone else and dreaming of doing, being, creating something different for yourself and your family -- however, it just never seems to take root.

Or perhaps it does take root, then it doesn't grow or someone else steps in and takes it over. Does any of this sound familiar? It's like the air plane I wrote about a couple days ago, circling in a holding pattern, but never landing.

If we can't land, we can't go home.

So, what to do about any of this and get your life going forwards again - for me, it all began with changing my diet and lifestyle, but the real change - the deep energy shifts and healing I was seeking in my world - that came about with detoxing.

Don't you think it's time you got your life back? 


Barley Cove Beach, West Cork

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Don't Give Up Now - This is Your Destiny

There are days and for some of us - weeks, months and years - where nothing seems to be going in the direction we want it to go. But, yet when we look back at different challenging time frames and periods in our lives - we can see change has taken place.

In essence we are getting there. It's just not in the direct route, as quickly as we had hoped and without all of these learning curves...You know, the ones that always end up teaching us something incredibly important - but are so annoying to move through.

I don't know how many times I have said, thought and contemplated throwing in the towel (and everything else that is not nailed down). Or how many times I have just wanted to quit, walk away from it all (or run screaming into the night) and give up on these seemingly impossible dreams.

To be honest I have even had several people say as much to me. Forget about it, you can't do it all, you can't be it all and (my personal fave) you can't do that. Needless to say - not one of them is a part of my life right now - I would rather walk alone then be in the company of someone who doesn't believe in a dream.

However, one thing I have observed in both myself and many others along the way is how we do tend to give up, just before we turn that long awaited corner. A memory I have is of being down with a flu - after a few days of feeling awful, caving in to the antibiotics - only to feel completely better before they even kick in.

Since I gave up that method of medicine and have spent a few years healing naturally - I am well aware of how it (any illness, bug or situation) will often seem much worse - right at it's turning point. Indeed it is always darkest before the dawn.

I don't think it is human nature to give up on anything - healing, dreams, hopes, plans, people - but it has been programmed into us through some negative force determined to keep us where we no longer want to be. 

The only way I can describe it is - it's like a plane circling and being unable to land. We are in the plane, we are the aircraft and when we give up, walk away, or otherwise cut short our learning experience - we remain in that holding pattern. 

Perhaps it is time to see this through to the end - no matter what that might be. Let it all fall apart, allow your body to have a go at healing and in every way keep walking forward. But don't ever, ever give up - this is your destiny.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Patterns of Worry - Superconsciousness and the Overmind

I've been working on this post for a week now and keep coming back to it - leaving it awhile and just trying to dig more deeply into these (my own) patterns when it comes to worry. Of course, I have come up with a few energetic links to it....

Worry for us appears is the ultimate distraction - I have observed myself and many others who can worry a path in the floor. Or, my personal favourite, stand in front of the fire and stare off into space while our minds work away.

It's like digging a hole, isn't it?

And then there are days (weeks of our lives?) where we find ourselves spending time doing absolutely nothing - because we are too busy worrying! Yet, I won't say worrying about nothing - because these are serious issues some of us are tackling. 

There are however, a few questions that it might raise, especially for those of us walking a spiritual path or even just trying to live our lives in a more conscious way. Some of these are around the energy it ties up while we also should be examining what worry does to us physically. 

Another big question here is who would have us worry? I ask this because I have seen this so much in my own life...someone (usually a family member) would ring up, carry on about some crisis or other and then having placed the 'worry' on to me, feel much better.

I then spent the day worrying for this person....

Worry also paralyses the mind (have you noticed this?) -- it actually stops you from doing something, moving forward, thinking clearly and most importantly - from speaking up. That's a big one for me. So many times I could say something and I don't because - well, I wouldn't want to...

What?? I'm not sure. But I do know it has to do with worry, which has to do with fears (of any kind) and then this is connected to what others might think, say or do. There is also a link to the media here - perhaps the biggest one yet.

What does it accomplish? Well, think about it, if we are all going around worried an asteroid is going to fall on our heads, our world is not safe, there are no jobs, the economy is shrinking, there is no money, we are all going to get some flu (that comes around every year and has done for millennia) - we are too busy to pay attention to living our lives.

But, the most important thing to note here - is that all of this worry we are being encouraged to do - this is making us sick. It is causing inflammation in our guts, our cholesterol to go up, our blood pressure to raise, it weakens our immune systems and generally drains us of energy. 

So, what to do about it now. How to overcome this time wasting habit of worry. Perhaps for each of us it will be a process - I know it is for me. The biggest step has been in observing and recognising what is going on in my mind and the fear associated with the worry. 

I have also mentioned on my blogs the 'overmind' - a sort of superconsciousness that has us all glued to the media for the latest updates of really scary up to the minute 'news'. Therein lies the key - break away from these ties that imprison us to this mass misinformation stream and you will open up like a lotus flower.

The change starts right here.


Monday, 11 February 2013

Energy Vampires - Self Healing of the Soul

I have been thinking a lot more about Energy Vampires - actually they are quickly stepping down off of their podiums and sort of beginning the age old process of --- dying? Who would have thought, vampires are not really supposed to die...

But, for those of us watching closely - and we are, believe me - it has become quite clear there are those who are leaving their posts and the earth. Hopefully going back to where ever it is they have derived from - the dark creatures that they are!

One of the reasons I wanted to write a few more thoughts down about this important topic is because I have been reading a little bit around what others are saying out there in the energy therapy, healing and vibrational medicine world.

Much of what people are advising others to do is nice and perhaps could be looked at as good advice - if this wasn't such a serious situation. However, the rest of the 'steps to removing an energy vampire' are pure rubbish and isn't remotely related to reality here on the ground.

First of all, if you have an energy vampire around you - you will also have a deep rooted physical inflammation in your body. Secondly, when you have an energy vampire around you, this means you are already leaking energy, losing energy and have a weakened immune system.

Another important point to be made here is that you have also taken on significant amounts of energy from others (this is common, but in no way is it acceptable) which contribute to your weakened state and make you feel even more drained of energy. You will also have a compromised energy field.

Lastly, do not under any circumstances take an amulet from another person. I know that some people mean well - but do you really know what this is? An amulet is a form of a sacred object (all good so far) which can be worn or carried on the person. A lot of us have such objects on our alters or in special places around our homes.

When this sacred piece of stone, wood or jewelry comes from someone else - it contains their energy. It doesn't matter who it is - we are each one of us energetic beings and there isn't anyone on this planet who is pure, above all others and otherwise capable of possessing a frequency so high as to have no issues.

So, when you take on someone's amulet, good luck charm or what not (usually to ward off evil and energy vampires) - you are also taking on their issues. Or carrying a piece of them with you - this is not the thing to have when you are attempting to heal, fix or change your own life and circumstances.

Especially from an energy vampire or any other energy draining situation.

The best way to proceed here, if you feel you would really like to have an amulet or sacred object for protection is to create one yourself. That way there is only your own energy to deal with, it will be just as powerful (you can charge it with energy) and far safer to have around you.


Blue Moon Ceremony in August 2012

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Negativity is a Disease....

Well, it all started like this....it was a cold dark day, not unlike any other heavy energy....but that's not what happened. In fact, that sounds like the opening line of a novel and this is no book (well, in a sense it is) this is our life.

I sent my son off to find some information about a fish - we are doing a small homeschool project and decided after re-arranging the turtle tank that the little reptile might be lonely, so a fish as a companion might be in order.

After doing some preliminary research on the internet he discovered many people who mentioned keeping fish with their turtles for company and of course, as many different types of fish too. So, they went to the pet store to find some fish that would be happy in a warm turtle tank...

Only to be severely dissed and nearly laughed at by the pet shop owner. My son came home deflated - but not for long. He knew inside of himself that this adult (who somehow set herself up as an authority on all things turtle) was completely wrong. 

He went back to doing his research just to re-affirm this fact for himself. And then completely dismissed this adult as being negative and not knowledgeable enough to advise him on his turtle.

This incident has been a huge eye-opener for me. First of all, in how many ways have I been subtly and not so subtly, told - you can't do that, or this doesn't work or there is no way you can move forward from where ever it is you might find yourself?

And - what is far worse - in how many ways has some of this negativity sunk in. Been getting through my exterior filters and seeping into the soft energy underneath? Well, let me tell you something - my children have taught me a lesson in the value of persistence and something else altogether....

They have shown me how, once again, even when someone else (who considers themselves an authority) says it can't be done - most often it can. And perhaps it can not only be done, and done well, but can be life changing, healing and uplifting at the same time.

Today I am back tracking - there are a couple of projects I had shelved last week because someone told me it couldn't be done....well I am doing them. And 'no' 'can't' or 'fear' is not a part of this equation....

Have a positive day,


Healing sea salt....

Monday, 4 February 2013

Observations of A Distracted Mind

I have had the rare privilege of reading what someone has written and watch as they created an article from the beginning, it was an eye opener. Mostly because it isn't remotely similar to anything I would do or even consider doing...

First of all when I write something it's straight from my heart - I actually don't always know where I am going with it when I start. I know that something is inside of me and it needs to come out to be said. It's finished when I feel better and can see I have reached some sort of a conclusion.

The reason I am mentioning this right now is because I am reminding myself and others that our lives and certainly our spiritual paths are exactly like this. Everything around us has meaning, everyone has their own approach...

Yet not everyone is on a spiritual path, nor do the create from their hearts or indeed are even connected to huge swaths of their bodies. Life for so many is a form of distraction - a medley of pain, anger and confusion.

And that is on a good day. What is far worse, some of these people are completely uninterested in bettering their lot in life, of pulling themselves up or out of the mire they have found themselves in. I guess this is the main difference between those who are on a 'path' and those who are simply present but not accounted for.

On a journey such as this you have to work - at regaining trust, learning who you are, what you are doing here and why you are bothering with any of this in the first place. In the end you do find that absolutely everything matters, most of all you and your life in the whole scheme of things.

Another one of the reasons this method of writing stood out to me - was that it wasn't remotely genuine. This person was distracted, lacked concentration and had to develop the story as they went along - as opposed to allowing the story to live and pour out from some part of themselves.

It was pure distraction which lacked heart, feeling or strength of purpose. Yet, this is what was wanted, is how the media driven world expects us to be and indeed is the type of 'information' that is poured down our throats on a daily basis.

Of course, as a Medical Intuitive and Nutritionist I can immediately relate any aspect of this back to diet, exercise, poor water uptake, nutrient absorption and any number of lifestyle specifics. But this is not all that is taking place here....

The real focus here for us to observe is the fact that when a person is not living the path they are on, but has a perch on which to rest, they cannot possibly understand or comprehend what the rest of us are seeing, doing and where we are going. 

I think I finally found the meaning to Frost's "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference".


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