Friday, 27 December 2013

Universal Story - An Epic Moment

There is an uncommon hue of light in the sky this morning – telling us we are still in the middle of this latest storm – I spent last night alternating between waking to the sound of wind and rain on the windows while the roof tiles rattled….and then dreaming of walking along a dark road with only lightening to show me the way ahead.

These are ‘uncertain times’ is what I would think I should say right now in this narrative, especially on a day such as this, however, that is not how I am feeling at all. It appears as if the universe, the heavens and the earth are in complete agreement and each dimension in its turn has ramped up the volume.

To make some noise.

Here in Ireland over these past few weeks we have been witness to an epic battle of heavenly wills. One bouncing off of the other as they lash out and fight for the higher position – defender of the weak, righteous and the good – but only one victor will prevail. 

In all of the old stories it was always the triumph of good over evil, yet, to my mind, evil has reined for ever so long. Or in this case, ‘rained’ down its darkness touching everything in its path with the smell of something rotten. 

Of course, it’s not all bad, we are here, aren’t we? And so many of us wake each morning with hope renewed. Pressing on.

So, here we find ourselves, in the midst of something, well, bigger then the sum of us all – or perhaps something that completes the equation of the sum of us all….a Universal x at the end of the y (why or why not?).

I don’t know about you – but with all of this energy flying around, the wind, rain, darkness and fluctuating power grid – I can sense the need for change. And not just any ordinary shift either, perhaps this is it – the time of the greatest ‘stand up and be counted’ kind of thing that we’ve only ever read about in stories.

Makes me wonder if the story has nearly caught up with the tellers…..perhaps we are finally living this epic tale in real time and not chapter by chapter out of an ancient history book in the mind’s eye of some god. 

Perhaps history is really only ever about telling the future….the stories are there to guide us with knowledge of the past – this is what might happen when you get to this place in the path.

An epic moment, along a long and winding path….

Lemon thyme….

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Feeling A Little Stuck? 2014 - A Year for Change…..Class & Course Dates

Energy Blocks

I just realized something really important – I am having a hard time thinking about, moving and gearing up for 2014. It’s as if this next year is either not coming (it is! LOL) or there is a huge energy block surfacing for me. 

I can’t seem to get dates in my mind or anything….it’s as if  a door is closed and needs to be pushed (or kicked) open. Yet I love this feeling right now because that is what I am cleansing, clearing and fasting for!

So what am I doing to combat this energy block? I am Closing Energy Leaks© of course, exercising, fasting and pushing myself in every way that I can think of to get that ‘onwards and upwards’ feeling back again. 

But today has been a difficult day, even the weather outside is nasty – it’s wet, windy and wild out there, with the air kicking up soggy leaves and blowing them around. The kind of day where you run from one building to the other, shielding your face from the sting of the rain and every trip outside has you standing next to the stove for half an hour.

A day for change.

If you are also ready for something better, something deeper and more then you feel your life is bringing you right now – perhaps it’s time to unblock 2014 for yourself! Plan to come out to one of my Winter classes to get your life back on track and discover a deeper spiritual connection.

January Rebel Foods Cookery Class Sunday 12 January 2014 – simple healthy meals & breads for winter €35 11am to 3pm or finish, Leap, West Cork

Energy Class – session 2 (anyone can join at any time) Working Through the Energy Blocks €10 each evening Tuesdays at 7pm Leap, West Cork starts 14th January 2014 runs for 6 or 7 weeks.

Fasting & Detox for Health, Healing or Weight Loss – Eat Like a Pagan 9th January 7pm €20 – includes tastings of detox juices, cleasing teas and fermented juices – Eat Like A Pagan© book on sale on the night 

Closing Energy Leaks© full day intensive workshop for those who work with energy healing, hands on healing, light workers, therapists etc. – Health & Safety of the Energy Worker €90 includes lunch, snacks – please do not bring food due to the energy work being done on this day.  Sunday 10am to 4:30pm (includes book) 26th January 2014 

to reserve your place please book directly with April on 087 2361616 or email 

Looking forward to working with you in 2014! 

From little Acorns great things grow!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Supernatural Protection - Working From the Outside

How much time have we spent feeling tired – waking up tired, going to bed tired, dragging our arses around the place throughout the day and not really ever looking at the world as if we are fully awake?

Honestly, there was a time when I couldn't remember the last time I slept through the night, let alone woke up rested in any way. The benefit is that I have spent years, no decades, trying to get to the bottom of just what is taking, using and interfering with my energy. 

The way things are for most of us, is we are simply not ‘safe’ when sleeping. It is our most vulnerable time – going into shadow realms can be dodgy when fully awake, however, when we are toxic, stressed, worried and generally pushed down – we are even more unprotected. 

There are supernatural beings, entities, orbs, spirits and whatnots on every turn - most of which we deal with throughout the day - however, things look a bit more daunting during the night!

Of course, long ago I knew what, who and why it was this way for me (past life encounter with a dark master) – I was just never able to do much of anything about it because everything I tried was only a temporary fix. It wasn’t until I started fasting, that things finally started to turn around for me.

Fasting changed my life and continues to change my life each and every day. Mostly, because it has stripped away all the ‘dead’ and provided me with the space to bring back the 'life' that was missing deep inside and outside as well, it seems.

There is a matrix like ‘coating’ living, growing and thriving in our skin that contains many non-beneficial organisms – some of which are anchored deep into our nervous systems – and they appear to have the upper hand. Until we take steps to do something about them, that is. 

So what has all of this got to do with my energy? Well, our energy fields arise and are part of this largest detox organ – our skin. And this covering is anchored to and connected to nearly everything else inside of us. 

From what I can see, when we are feeling tired or drained or toxic – the simplest and easiest place to start is with the skin. It is the most visible part of our bodies and from my own work as a Medical Intuitive, I have realized each limb or area represents some inner organ or system, making it fairly straight forward to work with as well.

If you are feeling tired, losing energy or unable to rest and surrounded by energy vampires – you can begin your healing and detox with your skin – a little sea salt goes a long way in removing and disrupting what ever ‘negativity’ it is that has had the upper hand in your life. 

Wild Harvest Sloe & Hawthorne Cordial - nature's protection against negativity available at Rebel Foods Market Stall

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Harvest & Thanksgiving

Harvest time and its’ heavenly counterpart, a harvest moon, has come to mean something we usually only apply to farmers, land owners and gardeners. So, whenever we think of harvest we tend to think of crops, growing vegetables in the back garden and all those people with dirt under their fingernails.

Of course, harvest is all of that and much more when it comes to planting and growing things, especially our food and the many wonderful late summer goodies we can find in the hedgerows such as berries and sloes.

But, there is another side to this harvest issue which many of us are aware of and apart of, without always seeing the similar processes as they play out in our lives. Many things in our day-to-day existence come to be because of this natural pattern of planting, growing and harvesting.

For instance, when we have an idea or a wish – sometimes we take this desire to the next level, creating a plan or taking some kind of action. For those who are persistent and determined, the wish, the plan and these actions eventually take shape and come into form.

So, when I look up this word harvest to have a peek at it’s roots, I see the standard meanings related to gathering crops….but then I also a deeper meaning using words such as ‘the result or consequence of actions, processes and events’. 

That’s what I am looking for here….

This is the time of year when we are reaping all we have sown over these past few months (and perhaps far beyond that). It can be the culmination and coming together of some of our wishes, hopes and dreams – at least the ones we have taken specific action on, making every effort to grow them into this physical reality.

I have long been a dreamer – I dream profusely at night and during the day it seems (or so they tell me!)….in times past this would have slowed me down because I wasn’t always connecting this dream state into my world with doing. 

It appears this can only be done with consistent, persistent and carefully thought out actions….who knew? (smile)

Once I had read enough, heard enough and was frustrated enough (LOL) with many of these wishes not amounting into anything worthwhile, I started to see that when I took specific actions….well, there were usually consequences!

And sometimes…..those results ended up being the ones I was looking for. 

As the years have flown by, I have become far more intuitive in my approach to my dreaming as well as more grounded in my body and life. Each of these situations helps us to manifest more of our dreams – creating our reality as we go….

A harvest moon is about far more then just vegetables, fruits and the bounty from our gardens….it could be about careful planning, big dreaming and taking chances throughout the year. 

Sometimes when we plant an idea….a garden springs up around it and that dream, this wish, becomes our life. And I am so very thankful for that.

Trevor and Dara with her eyes closed! LOL

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

You May be Awake….But Are You ALIVE? Spiritual DNA

We read a lot about awakenings these days and nearly everyone has had some form of a wake up call or other, often in a health or emotional crisis. Actually if you haven’t yet, you are probably not even reading this, but never mind.

I have talked about and written down some of my experiences on this long road to higher vibrations, frequencies and light but am only now coming around to how much none of this really even matters, if we are not alive, that is.

Of course you are probably thinking by now, that I am ‘alive’, I’m here, aren’t I? And yes you are, sort of, however, we are not fully here and certainly not enjoying any of the benefits of greater levels of awareness, if our gut is still functioning at sub-optimal levels.

But, what does digestion, immune function, gut organisms have to do with spirituality and higher states of awareness? 

Everything. Absolutely, everything.

Whenever we take medication, treated water, Nightshades, drugs, eat an excessively poor diet, remain in negative states of emotional, physical, energetic unbalance, plus other known and unknown toxins - then we are encouraging the current organisms in our guts to flourish. 

And this appears to be the source of the problem. From birth and perhaps even before, the organisms we are exposed to are increasingly non-beneficial, opportunistic and pathogenic given the chance! We are full of molds, candida, parasites and species of bacteria that offer us nothing in return.

This present generation and perhaps a couple beyond that, those who have been around since the advent and widespread use of antibiotics and medication – have dead spots, places and spaces in their systems where nothing worthwhile or beneficial lives or thrives. 

The simple facts are; Change your body and gut flora (living organisms of bacteria, yeasts, viruses etc.) and you change your DNA. The human DNA is unique in that our spiritual code is written within it like a hidden Easter Egg. 

And this is the purpose of the spiritual path really. To walk along it, making changes, learning, gaining insight, higher levels of awareness until eventually we realize – it’s all about life.

Nothing is more important to our body functions, health, weight, immune system and skin then the living organisms cohabiting with us – without them, we are here, we might be awake, but we are certainly not living and our spiritual purposes, missions and callings remain locked. 

It’s time to get a life – inside and out!

Rebel Juice - probiotic, fermented & alive 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

In Sickness & Health…..The Lifespan of a Healer

Being a healer takes a lot of energy from you, walking the spiritual path, self care, listening, paying attention, learning how to live….or at least it can – but lets get one thing straight right from the beginning: if you are supposed to be doing this work - at this level, touching on higher dimensions and consciousness, then you are more then able to handle this physical end of things.

However, if you find you are not able or up to the work you are born to do….perhaps there are other factors at play here. Of course there are many things, on many levels, taking place in the daily life of a healer, therapist, energy or light worker, and some of them are actually working against us.

For instance, have you ever noticed there is often no rhyme or reason to your work-flow? Some weeks you have nearly ‘enough’ to live on (LOL) while other weeks – no matter what you do or how good you are at it, the phone doesn’t ring and you can sense the energy blocks.

How about having days when you feel great, up and with it, only to come crashing down into a patch of darkness or despair that you picked up somewhere or worse, becoming physically ill in specific situations or around certain people?

And has anyone else experienced profound, debilitating fear when dealing with energy attachments, energy vampires and other cyber bullies? Just where does all of this go and where does it come from in the first place, but most importantly, what effect might it have on us?

Well, each of these things certainly do affect us, can potentially cause harm to our body/mind/spirit and can put us off the mission we are called to do. This is far more then an occupational hazard – in our profession, there is no safety training (come out Tuesday evenings starting 5 November for the first one ever!), there is only follow your heart and hope for the best in most cases. 

But, there is one other issue that I have long felt impacts on us in far deeper ways….yes, there is something worse then ups and downs, aches and pains, uncertainty and fear! What is worse, and fairly constant throughout the healing world, is how we are constantly placed in abject poverty in the name of some higher good. 

Because, this is just not on.

Each of these situations take an enormous toll on our sense of well-being, our physical and emotional health, our attitude, outlook, hopes, wishes and dreams. When a persons spirit is continually bounced off the bottom – it eventually stops re-bounding to it’s natural, and necessary, place. 

And, we end up unwell. Many healers I have known over the years end up with diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, cancer (ask me how I know) and other debilitating conditions as a direct result of the work they do – and the energies we are exposed to. Of course, this shortens our life/work span for us, not to mention interfering with our quality of life. 

I have often thought that if we were to do this work ‘properly’ at the highest level in the current environment – we would last about 2 years before we started to crumble on the inside and then find ourselves unable to continue in this full capacity. 

So what exactly are we up against?

Energy Vampires (shadow realm)
Ill will (in deed and thought)
Interference Energy (often listening to the wrong voice)
Timing & Energy Blocks (if it doesn’t belong, remove it)
Fear (extreme emotional response coming in from the outside)
Unhealthy mind/body/spirit (focus on the body’s health)
Past Life Issues (things we bring in with us, but are not always ours)
Energy Attachments & Drainers (the ‘will nots’ of spirituality, viruses, candida etc.)

This list goes on……each one of these things affect us on an energetic, spiritual, physical and emotional level. Anything that doesn’t belong to us, but is around or attached to us, can and will create an energy block…..and nothing appears to be more stuck then this ‘money, financial, work, mission, purpose’ cycle of modern day healers, which of course leads to more physical ill health…..


Blossom with pink nose from beet kvass!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Evening Class - Starts 5th November

Protecting Yourself in the Healing Professions…..

If you find you are bringing your work home, feeling drained at the end of the day, losing heart with all you do – part of this problem will be energetic. But, there is so much you can do to make yourself feel better, regain your energy, boost your health – when you know more about the mechanics of how your energy field works.

On offer are evening sessions (sharing & learning circle) on how to protect, heal, fix, alter, change and shore up your energy field while living, working and walking in today’s world. During each of these classes we will explore how an energy field works, how damage occurs, what we can expect to change, how long it will take, Closing Energy Leaks, energy vampires and how to start taking immediate steps to heal and seal your body.

Following April’s list of ‘25 ways to Protect Yourself’ from her book Universal Energy Laws, we will work down through each one as it applies to your work, how you go about your day, carry out your spiritual practice, cope with family and relationships, adjust to stress and change while listening to your body. 

These classes will serve to uplift you, give you hope and change your life. You deserve to live, work and play with the peace of mind a strong, healthy functioning energy field brings. We will take it week by week….usually runs for 5 or 6 weeks then break for Christmas…come to one or enjoy all! 

When 5th November 2013

Time 7pm to 9ish
€10 each evening

Book with April on 087 236 1616 or email:

Monday, 21 October 2013

How to Protect Yourself on the Spiritual Path - Remove the Deadly Night Shades

Continuing on with our series and discussion on the many ways to protect ourselves in the healing professions (and any profession!), the next item on our list is the only group of foods (fruits) completely and utterly off of my list. 

These are the Deadly Nightshades family of fruits, which we would refer to mostly as vegetables. 

Now, there are many foods I won’t eat (nothing processed, only meat that I raise, caffeine free, drug free). But, after years of detox, healing, fasting, raising, planting, growing, making my own food and now re-building a sustainable – this is the one group of foods that has remained constant – on my avoid at all costs list. 

If you are walking a spiritual path (and taking it seriously) do not under any circumstances eat anything from the Deadly Night Shades family. These fruits include but are not limited to:

Gogi berries
Cape Goose Berries  

Go out of your way to avoid them, remove them from your home and banish them from your life as these fruits contain neurotoxins that seriously impair your immune system and interfere with internal communication (and ability to communicate). 

I refer to them as the anti-Christs of the food chain.

When we are walking the spiritual path and actually intend to end up somewhere (other then where we are right now LOL) our ability to listen on both an internal and external level is paramount to our security, safety and peace of mind. 

Not to mention that this is really the entire purpose of walking the path in the first place….to get back to that point in time of our human existence when we could actually hear the voice of god/goddess/spirit or whatever name we choose to put on that higher power.

I hear voices all the time (it’s part of being an intuitive) however, not all of them are guiding me, have good intentions, belong to me or are even worth me taking the time to listen! We are virtually inundated with noise, sounds, communication – quite a lot of it useless junk (don’t think so? Spend 5 minutes listen to radio/tv or reading a newpaper). 

All my life, I have had to work at giving that still small quiet voice a space to be heard and even though I do this for a profession, it’s still a challenge to really ‘hear’ the inner communication from my body/mind/spirit with all that chatter going on.

Once I finally removed the main part of the problem (Deadly Nightshades are part of the tobacco family), and continued to detox them out of my body – well, let’s just say, I would not give up any opportunity to hear and listen to my inner voice for anything.

It’s like hearing the voice of the ages…..It has never left us, it’s only been dampened down by toxins such as these Night Shades. Remove them and see what happens….it’s a whole new world in there.

Taking it all in....

Monday, 14 October 2013

Working On Our Own Stuff.....Healing the Self

Okay, as promised this is week two and number two of our twenty five ways to protect yourself in the healing professions. Of course, part of self-protection is also self knowledge – and if we don’t know ourselves, who do we know?

When we are working in the healing or energy professions, we need to be working on and aware of our own issues each step of the way. Then we must be taking significant steps towards the resolution of these issues, even if it seems as if we are going around in very large circles – any of this sound familiar to you? LOL

So, you all probably know pretty much what working on our own stuff is all about…..for some of us it’s therapy (lots of it!) while for others it might be along the lines of self-care – but it always means we should be taking time to listen to our own internal dialogue, look at our own relationships and get a grip on what is taking place (or not) in our own lives. 

Observe, watch, listen and then act on what you see. As observers in our own lives we can know exactly what is taking place, where and when. Anything taking place outside of you is also happening on the inside, all you have to do is pay attention. If your clients are presenting with drug addictions for example, it is time to seriously look at yourself and what you are drawing to you.

And this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work with them or that you have a drug addiction….it simply means your own energetic patterns are rising up to be dealt with and is reflected in each person who comes your way – so deal with it! LOL

Every single person who walks through your door is a mirror for some part of you, something that is happening within you and something you are carrying – yours or not. So, remember, this can also be a reflection of an energy attachment that doesn’t even belong to you. 

Knowing exactly what is yours, where it is in your body, how it is affecting you, being aware that you are dealing with it and how to keep your own self contained - are all part of staying safe on this path….

Swans on the beach near Lough Hyne West Cork, Ireland 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Spiritual Protection - Spirituality 101

Actually, I am having a pretty great week so far. Last night we had my class on Protecting your energy field in the healing (or any) professions….and at an hour and a half over the time we had planned to finish, we realized it was time to call it a night. 

It was great to share, listen and be heard on a spiritual level – my heartfelt thanks to all who attended – we will do this again, soon.

One of the most important things to come out of those few hours spent discussing, laughing, eating and dissecting this spiritual path we find ourselves on - is how much more I can share with you about my own journey and how much I have been holding back – probably thinking, no one was listening or reading or paying attention or wanting to know….

However, I remember when I started out on this path years ago – I read and re-read everything I could get my hands on and wished there was information available to me then, that I now have stored in my head and heart, gained from experience. 

So, I am opening up about more and more of what this spiritual existence has come to mean to us (myself and my family) as we continue to journey onwards and upwards – I hope this is helpful for you in some way and that you remember, you are not alone.

Spiritual Protection – the place to start

Walking the spiritual path can and should be part of life’s purpose for many of us at this time on earth, however, our support system, security and protection have been eroded by neglect, misinformation and energetic interference. If you find yourself feeling drained, tired and worse at the end of your day, there is something you can do about it. 

Safety starts with strengthening our energy fields, taking exquisite care of our bodies and clearing our working and living space. If you are ready to begin the process of improving your level of safety, shoring up your spiritual boundaries and learning how to protect yourself (on every level) until you reach your destination – this is the most natural place to begin. 

A weak energy field means a compromised body – so, you must take steps in every area of your life to protect yourself both inside and out. 

First things first……Don’t share a clinic room (working space?) with anyone. Seriously. I know that it cost’s money and we probably don’t feel we make enough money to have a place of our own. But, for the most part, this is absolutely correct, having your own space is vital to being able to protect yourself.

If you look hard enough and create an opening somewhere (magic, wishing, praying, yelling, ranting all help LOL), you will find a place of your own. I have successfully worked in the smallest of places (read closet), self-contained in my own energy….

And left posh digs that were dripping with darkness in order to just have a space of my own.

Why is this so important? Well, there is just too much energy flying around (on a good day) and this will compromise the quality of your work space. Your space needs to be your own, with only your energy in there and that of the people you will serve, this is the easiest and safest way to work for everyone.

One other thing…..when we are working, we are opening ourselves up (heart and soul) so, I need to have protection around me in order to feel good about working on this deep a level. 

Keep the discussion going! Please post a question or a comment, I would love to hear from you 

leaving the shore....

Monday, 30 September 2013

Over Protective??? (a bit of a Spiritual Rant!)

Is there such a thing as over-protective in the spiritual world?

Today (and perhaps all my life) I have been pondering this concept. However, the first thing it does for me now is conjure up a conversation (criticism?) I had with someone about my parenting way back shortly after my first child was born.

I was told I was an ‘over-protective’ mother.

It was meant in a negative way and I took it to heart…..then made a decision regarding my child (putting him in crèche for his ‘social’ development at 13 months old) that I lived to regret in short order.

That is another story for another post….but these two situations are not all that different from each other. Our inner child (as well as our outer child) both need protecting….in fact for any vulnerable parts of our beings we need healthy boundaries and defence mechanisms.

On a physical level that means our immune systems should be in good working order – because this is a gut mediated function that also means we should pay particular attention to our digestive function. Then we can change diet or lifestlye and make adjustments accordingly….

However, from a spiritual standpoint what on earth does ‘self protection’ really mean? I am old enough (and been around these parts long enough!) to remember the old ways and means of surrounding yourself with a bubble of white light, calling in someone or other (just who ARE these beings anyway?)….

And, well, that’s all that is needed to protect your body, mind and spirit (read inner child, spiritual DNA, soul) from any harmful and ill intentioned beings who might be floating (crashing the party, breaking in, or otherwise skulking) around the vicinity.

Yeah right, like any of that actually works…..!

Believe me, if some malicious, angry intruder (read energy vampires from any dimension,) wants into our world, they won’t be stopped by a bubble! Just ask the bubble, or anyone who’s been working in other dimensions for some time, or better yet, let me tell you more.

I remember days when I would just be at home after a weekend course (studying nearly anything from a spiritual perspective) doing my normal stuff and be absolutely inundated by dozens of beings that had somehow ‘attached’ to my energy field throughout the time I spent at the workshop.

How do I know this was happening? I’m an intuitive, so I just ‘know’, I also see, feel and sense them around me….then, there were the physical symptoms of being either drained or hyper, aches and pains, spacy or lightheaded, headaches, cravings for sugar and an inability to focus (have I missed anything?).

There were times when it seemed as if the gates were left wide open and every being from the universe was just wandering around waiting to have a chat with me. But during the course of the ‘spiritual’ weekend, I had done several things to ‘protect’ myself so this wouldn’t happen.

Of course this means a couple of things here, one is that there are those who need our help (genuinely), mean no harm to us but have no other way to get in touch with us. And then there are those who are simply part of the criminal element of our world and barge into any door (energy leak) that is open.

What part of ourselves are we protecting and whom are we protecting ourselves from? And does it ever get to the point of using self protective mechanisms that end up working against ourselves….?

I have been working on these specific situations common to those who work in the healing, helping, counseling and therapy professions for quite sometime….there are answers and there is protection.

If you want to learn more, understand what and why this is happening and what you can do about it; come on out to my class next week on Protecting Yourself inthe Healing (or any) Professions.

It can be done, it should be straight forward and simple and it is.

Jars of healing comfrey cream.....lovely!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Spiritual Questions - Walking the Path

This Journey is within.......

I see people all around me trying to cope with these changing times – struggling with all that there is to deal with. The financial pressures, the reality on the ground here right now on this planet and the way in which spirituality has become a commodity to be negotiated like any other.

Well, our spiritual selves are not a bargaining chip to be lost or gained as part of the recession – however, these uncertain times may indeed be a direct result of our spiritual lessons here on earth.

After all, the earth is walking her path too…..and she is a tough act to follow.

So, every now and then I get asked some questions about walking the spiritual path (LOL) and I try my best to answer them as honestly and clearly as possible. One of the most common things I hear people struggling with is how much things will change. But there are many other important question as well. I have listed some of them below…..

How do I get started on my path?

Make a serious decision to leave negativity and darkness behind you, take one step in that direction and you are on a higher path. The main thing here is to follow through on each insight, adjust your attitude and keep going.

Why am I doing this?

Weeelllll, just as it says in some of the most sacred texts on the planet, we are living in darkness on a lower road leading to death and destruction. In order to move away from that dangerous place, we must move into the light (it all sounds so easy LOL) and begin the process of taking our ‘life’ back. Operative word here is LIFE. The end result of walking a spiritual path must be a living, healthy gut, mind, body and soul.

What parts of me will change the most?

All parts will change for you, your body will heal (that’s why you change your diet) your emotional and energetic selves will strengthen and re-pattern (healing and sealing the gut) but spiritually will be the most significant.

Where can I go for support/information/guidance and assistance?

While there is no ‘association for people walking the spiritual path’ (yet LOL) there is roadside assistance available to those who have difficultly along the way. One thing to focus on here is that this is an inner journey as well as an outer path – whenever we find ourselves in trouble help will come. One thing to remember however, is that it may not be in the form you are accustomed to. Finding the resources deep inside of you is key here.

How will I know when I am home – and this path is at an end?

Your life will have come back to you, better then it ever was before. This path will change many times as you walk it. Each time you hit a wall, block or energy vampire, expect to have to work your way through each obstacle and then find yourself lifted onto a higher road.

How much will I have to give up from my life as I know it right now?


Any other questions?


Monday, 9 September 2013

Who Might I Be – Without the Fear?

What is fear exactly and how does it play a role in our lives? Might it be is only what they say in the dictionary – an emotion brought about by a perceived threat, a basic survival mechanism and the ability to recognize danger?

Or is it so much more?

Could it also be the absence of love as some would insist or is it the result of an emptiness – when enough of us has left, been lost, stolen, pushed down and gone missing (from energy loss and energy vampires), do we only then fill up with fear or was it always there ready to rise up?

What might I have become if I could have lived my life up until now without fear

If I have never been exposed to bullying….nightshades, toxins, chemicals, medication, hurt, shame and sadness, or far worse, ‘others’ fear….what might I be, that I am not now. And how far could I go….

Does our life’s potential change when we are free from fear? Will our mission, purpose, hopes, dreams and desires suddenly and miraculously materialize from some far off place.........

In this moment I am working on removing fear from my life – it is a monumental task – and I began by refusing to give up, give in or otherwise let fear be a factor in anything I am doing….

On my way……

Irish field in West Cork

Monday, 29 July 2013

Minding Your Energy in the Healing Professions.....

I have talked about this before….and bring it up to anyone who will listen – just because you are in the healing/therapy/energy professions, doesn’t mean you need to call in outside help in the form of guides, angels, masters and other unseen entities.

No matter what anyone tells you, you do have the tools, skills, ability, power and knowledge to do this work by yourself. After all, you are far more capable than anyone else to do the work you are born to do.

Right now, there are millions upon millions of beings roaming this planet…..spirits, orbs, energy entities, ghosts, goblins, ghouls and monsters (and gobshites!) to name but a few of these beings….which is only the tip of a very large iceberg.

They are here mainly because we have some who are opening doors and welcoming in – whatever and whomever shows up. These doors are opened by several means, the least of which is poor diet, medication, toxic water, chronic stress and living in a constant state of fear.

Our human defences (read immune response) which under normal circumstances should sound an alarm, have been dampened down to such an extent…..well, we let in anyone or else they push themselves into our space.

If you suspect you have an energy attachment, are feeling drained and used in your life – or, just finding that nearly everything you are wanting/trying/working at doing is blocked – well, most likely there is something tangible that has you stuck in this place (an energy block).

What is more – you are then ‘feeling’ what this entity wants you to feel! So, these are not only your emotions, thoughts, senses or frustration that you experience in your day to day life, these belong to energy attachments as well. 

Is it any wonder some of the time (or a lot of the time!) we are feeling confused, distracted, ungrounded and anxious? Perhaps that is the very intention of an energy vampire. Get us into a bit of a ‘state’….keep us there and carry on siphoning off our precious life force.

All is not lost however, once you start to recognize there are invaders in your mind, body and soul – then you can take steps to start removing them from these points of attachment (nervous system) and get your life back.

One of the easiest places to begin is to be aware of and eliminate the many forms of neurotoxins in your diet. Quite a few of the substances we are flooded with each day are highly poisonous and persist in our systems for years….but they also set us up for invasion. 

Chlorine, fluoride, aspartame, even caffeine, food colourings, dyes, some ingredients of medications, and the ever popular Nightshade family of fruits (potato, tomato, aubergine, peppers, chillies, gogi berries, tobacco) all contain various forms of neurotoxins that wear down our nervous system and make us vulnerable to energy draining attachments.

Besides removing these items from your diet permanently, you can increase exercise, detox regularly and otherwise give your body an exit point for some of these toxins (keep your liver, skin and kidneys working optimally). 

By the way….your nervous function is perhaps the single most important tool your body uses to grow spiritually – it’s your inner communication system. If we can’t listen/hear/communicate within – we can’t move forward safely on the outside.

Union Hall, West Cork - shadows in the water