Thursday, 31 May 2012

Down the Road in Darkness

Today it is raining again and it is quite dull outside. Not a great day for getting out into the garden. The energy around feels heavy, old and dark. I have been thinking it over for the few hours this morning since I have been up.

Perhaps it is something that has come back with me from my dreams - it felt as if I was somewhere very far away last night and my dreams have changed since I finished my last Master Cleanse. They seem to be less about other people and more about me - at least I feature in them far more than I did before. 

Well, these part few nights have been very deep indeed and it is funny how I only realized it this morning when I got up early to spend some time with myself. Because the house was quiet and still I could actually have a chance to sense the energy and feel what was going on around me.

Things have definitely moved into spaces in-between and I have not been fully there in a very long time. My memories that are also coming up to the surface are from early childhood and my daughter is talking non-stop about her other lives when I was her mother but looked different from who I am today. The lifetime she is remembering is one that was such a long time ago, I thought that it might never surface.

The day she was born I was told it had been thousands of years since she had been here on this earth - but the time was right for her to return to me. And now we are remembering. Re-member-ing for me means something quite different than just a brain wave joined by neurons and cells, it is a coming together of the pieces of our lives as if they had been separated by some force that is now removed. 

These spaces in-between can be quite dark, not always in a scary way, but in an unlit path that you know in your heart how to walk, but can make you uncomfortable all the same. Sort of like walking outside in the dark feeling your way through trails you know like the back of your hand.

We know the way forward, the more we journey inward, the further we can move outward into the world we are creating around us. This is not a game, it is not a chore. It can be a path if you let it come and guide you towards yourself. 

Well, onwards and upwards!


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Making A Difference

Today is mid-week in the last week of May - another month is just around the corner and time seems to be slipping away. I remember something Oprah said one time - back in the days (many years ago) when I had a television. 

She talked about how much of her life was spent being unhappy with herself - for her it was her weight and ultimately how she looked and felt in her body. Once she had lost the weight, she lamented about how much time she had wasted, quite a few years being unhappy, miserable really about her size.

As an intuitive I always want to know the underlying cause. What is really going on here with the weight issue. And what exactly is weight? I have always referred to it as toxins, carrying something that doesn't belong to you but also expending energy for someone else or on someone else's behalf. Usually in some way that you will not benefit.

So here we have it - time spent, wasted really, feeling badly, unhealthy, heavy and working for someone or something other than ourselves. It's no wonder that we are unhappy and unhealthy. This seems to be the heart of the matter doesn't it? 

Some energy has been taken onboard that we have internalized so deeply that we are willing to use our own energy to work for it, and therefore feed it and keep it going at our own expense. Life doesn't have to be like this - and it is up to us to create change, of course that starts within.

For me,  I like to keep things simple. Energy is simple, how I work inside should also be simple. My goal then is to get my body working entirely for itself and functioning in top form. How I am doing that is through fasting, Master Cleanses, healthy eating and generally keeping fit.

Today is another fasting day. I am not eating food, I will be exercising and drinking water and herbal tea. Today will be a very productive day for myself - not thinking about or eating food frees up so much energy that I accomplish a lot. There is not one other thing that has ever made such a difference in my life as how I feel about my body, my self and my overall health. 

Except perhaps when the day finally comes when I am working entirely for myself and not using my energy to benefit someone else. Making a difference in my life can only start with me, in me and then it will spill over to the outside of me creating a new reality. 

Have a sunny and warm day!


Monday, 28 May 2012

When You Say Nothing At All

So, yesterday was a fast day and today is a food day or a small food day as we say here in my house. As opposed to a big food day which would be a weekend or an even bigger food day - a feast. I got through it all right - I have done so many now that a single day fasting is no problem at all and I actually look forward to the break in eating to allow my body to rest, repair and clean out.

But, yesterday I was so tired, but not necessarily low in energy - I had lots to do and got a few things done. I was just tired from the weekend, rushing around and getting less sleep than usual in the past week or so. But it got me thinking. I remember the times when I used to be tired like that all of the time! Now, it's once in a great while that I feel that level of weariness.

Of course I was going over the situation in my mind to see if I could figure out exactly what was making me feel so tired and what I would do about it. I did do a little exercise - some yoga, free weights, etc. But not nearly as much as I would have liked to do. Nothing seemed to shake the tiredness it was more of a heavy feeling than anything else.

Late last night as I was getting ready for bed I realized how much of the tiredness had to do with all the things that I hold inside. Many thoughts, words, things that need to be said and the fact that I either never get an opportunity to say them or hold my tongue when I do have an opportunity because I feel that people would not understand me. 

How many of us are like that? Yet the people who perhaps should hold their tongues and keep quiet - never seem to shut up? Funny how life goes, isn't it?

I have been thinking about it ever since. What would I say if given the opportunity to say anything at all? Knowing me my first instinct would be to tell people to eat properly! Then if I was to take that one step further, I would probably tell them that if they did not change their lifestyle and diet immediately it might be too late. 

Too late for what? Perhaps to save themselves from what is to come. I have long been warned by my intuition that disease, viruses and all manner of nasties will be released on the earth perhaps as a bioweapon of war or maybe as a means to control/frighten people or even as judgement.

That is the main reason I eat and live the way that I do and keep myself and my family healthy - there are not many people on this earth with a functioning immune system, we have done so much to damage our bodies that it hardly functions anymore.  And certainly immune function is nowhere near what we are capable of. Now, that is something to talk about! 

I'll leave you with those thoughts for today... Better to say what you know and speak the truth, then to bottle it up inside and live in denial of what is real.

Have a nice day,


Carry On.....

From yesterday, my thoughts have continued along the same lines about our habit in society of using food as a reward and withholding food as a punishment. It is quite an interesting concept actually. When I think about it for any length of time, I keep coming back to the same main issues. 

Might this practice or belief system have more to do with the usual control theme around food? Once again plunging us back into 'just who is in control' of our food, eating, diet, nutrition and lifestyle anyway? 

What has changed for us as a society during the past 100 or so years? And who has changed it? Exactly what is behind this shift into consumption of not only more and more food but also goods. Everything is disposable - nothing is meant to last or built to last. And nothing follows on with that pattern more than the food we are expected to put into our bodies.

When we eat rubbish we feel and look like rubbish. That is no big secret. It is plain enough to see and most of us can relate to feeling like that a day or two after eating poorly. However, when we choose to fill up on rubbish, we are not providing our bodies with enough nutrition to function, heal, re-build and repair  properly. This means that any normal body processes cannot be carried out effectively because of the lack of vitamins, minerals and building materials.

Just like our throw away society, nothing is built to last or even meant to last - continue to feed yourself poorly, leaving your body without the building blocks necessary to maintain healthy tissues, organs and function and you have a throw away body. 

So, now what? Can we just discard parts and pieces of our bodies and  carry on with this lifestyle even when we know full well that eating and living this way creates a body that is not built to last? And if our bodies are not built to last - how soon will they start to break down?

It doesn't take very long at all for your body to breakdown when day after day you are not providing it with the right fuel to keep muscles, tissues and organs working in a healthy way. How can you expect to have good levels of energy when the minerals and vitamins that give you energy are missing from your diet? 

In other words, you are living in a disposable body, except if you throw it away, where will you get another one? Perhaps the best change to have come about from this recession has been the re-think of how we had been living, eating, working and going about our disposable lives. 

It is time to take things a step further and really make a difference in your own eating and approach to food. Food is for life. Your body is the single most important structure you will ever build. How you go about this involves choosing materials that will stand up to wear and tear and generally work with you.

A healthy body starts within. 


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Crime and Punishment

Today has brought with it new energy - I had every intention of fasting today but decided to switch things around and fasted yesterday instead. I just had a feeling that today would be important in other ways - that I was not aware of yet. So, we planned a little celebration of sorts and that is what we are doing - end of cleanse party.

I often find that we do not take celebration as seriously as we did at one time and especially when we were children it was very important to us. Special times of the year and special meals were all important - whereas now as adults these times can be looked at as a chore and extra work. 

Along with celebration comes ceremony - equally lost and downgraded in our society however far more important than even the celebration itself. How much has been lost inside of us the further we move away from these rituals and special times throughout the year?

What has happened in its place is a year long party where we eat, drink and abuse ourselves with poor food choices, alcohol and lack of exercise - (because we are eating the wrong foods) and generally acting, shopping and living as if it is Christmas every day. 

Just because you can go into the big supermarkets and buy any thing you want at any time - does not mean that you should or that it is the right time or even the right kind of food for your body. There is so much rubbish on the shelves, it is available ALL of the time and you are expected to buy it, eat it and then try to live a healthy life. 

This is part of the biggest lie ever perpetuated on humans on earth. You simply cannot eat this way and remain healthy, slim and in control of your life. For the most part our diets should be simple, based on local vegetables and fruit with a little meat and fish. Anything more on a regular basis (sugar, alcohol, highly processed packaged 'foods') should not enter into this equation at all. 

The operative word here is control - someone, something else controls your diet, your eating and ultimately your health. I don't know about you but I really love taking back control of my life and I do this through the way that I eat and live. 

It is that simple. Food, Fast and Feast at the appropriate times throughout the year - for my health and overall well-being. 

Something to think about. 


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Such is Life

It is now more than 2 weeks ago since I started and then 10 days later finished my Master Cleanse and of course, each day I am taking stock of how I feel, what has changed and the things that I am doing differently. The one thing that stands out the most for me at this moment is the fact that I am still so very careful of how much I am eating.

I do not want to feel that 'overfull' feeling in my stomach again, it is unpleasant for me and always has been. Small light meals, most of the time suit me better, I feel better, I function more efficiently and my digestion is smoother. My gut is working better (yet again) this time around and I really can feel the difference between before and after this cleanse.

I could feel the same things for each of these detoxes as time has gone by, but this time, as I said before, is just different. So, now I am ready to resume my usual routine of a form of intermittent fasting that I have been doing for awhile - at home here we call it our Pagan Diet because we follow the seasons and festivals throughout the year with food days, fast days and feast days. 

What it consists of is fasting with water, herbal teas and lemon etc for 18 to 24 hours a couple times a week and timing my workouts to coincide with the fasting. Then on the other days I eat as I would normally, mostly vegetarian with some goat's milk in my dandelion coffee. I find that this lifestyle helps me to keep my energy up, burn fat and build muscle - and to be honest I have never felt better mentally either. 

All of this week I have been building back up to my usual routine of free weights, yoga, cardio and anything else that I feel compelled to do - with my shoulder back better than it was before and my body feeling lean and strong. Tomorrow I will be back into a few hours of fasting during the day to allow my system to clear out and continue with the healing work it has been doing all along.

And why do I do it you may ask? Because it is the only way that I have found that works. Over my many years walking this earth searching for answers to gut issues, detoxing, candida overgrowth and you name it - not one single thing, method, product, food, diet, etc that I have tried ever worked to bring back my energy levels, my full and complete health and most importantly - bring my life back.

When you are 'living' on the inside (in your gut, tissues and your heart) then you will be living on the outside and that means doing, having and being the person you were meant to be. Doing the things that you came here to do and having the kind of life that you want to have.

Nothing less will do - so if you are not yet living your life fully (and not many of us are) perhaps it is time to re-build life from the inside, because it will change things on the outside. Try it and see. 

Have a sunny, warm day!


Friday, 25 May 2012

Keep Focused on Your Goals

This past couple of weeks have been a series of endings for me, I have finally finished some large projects that I was working on and it feels kind of strange! Almost as if those projects (or the fact that they were not complete) had been holding something (me!) in one place and now that they are done, I am either left hanging or in free fall.

I like to think that now I am free to move on to start other projects, but also it's now important to evaluate exactly what was learned from the work that has been done already. I guess what I am trying to say here is that I am going over these past few days, weeks, months and years in my mind and re-visiting all the ways that I have changed and grown. 

I am certainly in a very differently place now than when I started fasting, detoxing and cleansing regularly. And exactly how have things changed for me? Well, perhaps the easiest way to describe some of these changes is that I have accessed old energy within myself and pulled up to the surface deeper patterns to be worked on and altered.

And it's all good! This is not a negative or troublesome thing at all. What I feel like right now is more together, more present and better grounded than I have ever felt. I also feel healthier and stronger physically while my mind is sharper and clearer with more focus and determination. Not bad of a year intensive of detox, cleansing and fasting.

I am now a few days post Master Cleanse and looking forward to jumping back into my Intermittent Fasting schedule with my workouts. I have been exercising and building back up to my free weights after my shoulder healed and I feel stronger than before. I actually have a greater range of motion in my shoulder (it has been restricted for years due to other frozen shoulder inflammations) now and can do more and move better. 

I am very pleased with the results of the last MC and would highly recommend this method to anyone for any reason, even if there isn't a reason, it can never hurt to cleanse and shed a layer of toxins. 

So, new goals, new projects and a new focus - watch this space!

Have a wonderful (sunny!) day,


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Last Day - Back to normal?

Or whatever normal is. Perhaps this is the new normal, I feel different each time that I do a detox and I have done many over the years. However, this time is different from all those other times and I am struggling with explaining, even to myself.

I guess the operative word here is STRUGGLE. For so many of us, life has been all about resistance, hardship, difficulty and yes, incredible struggle. It is not any different for me. I have often wondered, why, do we keep trying to move forward when we are constantly pushed back? Yet this desire to move, to shift to find higher and better ground comes from somewhere so deeply buried inside of us that it is like a guiding light.

So, back to the struggle- the one huge difference that I am noticing after finishing the MC this time around is that I am struggling less. With eating, food, worry, fear, health, work and just plain effort that it takes to live life in general. There is less of a struggle involved and I know that must only come from my mind - I feel that I have re-gained more control over it and that has taken out some of the fight that I had on my hands just living my life.

I hope that this makes some sense to you  all -?? It is not an easy thing to describe, because not only am I thinking it, I am feeling and experiencing it in my body. There is less of a struggle inside of my body and therefore I am using less energy fighting with myself and have more energy for other things! 

Today is Day 13, the day that we are back to eating as we normally do and the last day of the Master Cleanse - food tastes great, I just had my breakfast of a boiled duck egg with toasted herbed spelt bread and dandelion coffee. Great stuff! And for those of you wondering, my gut is back to normal (better than normal!), no pain, no wind, no difficulty, normal function restored within 24 hours. 

And my body is more flexible, I physically feel good, my energy is great, and I feel like I am figuring things out. I have been talking with lots of people about these detoxes and cleanses and have been asked many good questions - the best way to describe the work your body is doing as you complete each MC or fast is that it is like a journey through middle earth in Lord of the Rings. Not complex, not impossible, but challenging, demanding and worthwhile. 

See you tomorrow!


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 12 - Healthy Mind

This morning I feel good, I do not feel as empty as I did two days ago because there is food in my system now, so it is a different sense of clean. The important thing to remember at this stage of coming off of a Master Cleanse is to put clean fuel into your body - just as you would your car.

There is a lot going through my mind as well or maybe I could say that differently, there is a lot going on with my mind, as I can clearly see how fractured it was in places and the ways that it has come back together especially during these past few days.

Remember how I have mentioned, probably a few times now, that MC is 90% in your mind,  it's all about your mind and once you have your mind on-board then you can do anything? Well, my mind is the part that I realize now has been the entire focus on these 10 days for me.

The main piece of resistance to anything good, healthy, real and true can exist in the mind as much as anywhere else and of course your mind is made up of cells, tissue and blood just like any other part of us. So, it is being placed back together each time we complete a detox, cleanse, do exercise, fasting, healing and so forth. 

Perhaps the mind part of us is so large and so damaged by 'life' (or the Big Lie as I refer to it - we'll do another post on that one!) that this requires enormous effort and care on our part to bring it back into alignment with body and spirit. Of course it does. 

That connection or bridge needs to be rebuilt. And this is most efficient, fastest, cleanest, easiest, simplest, safest method that I have ever come across to do just that. Healing of the mind, body and soul - we can't get better than that!

The rest of the story? The weight loss, physical healing, renewed vitality, a cleansed and detoxed body - these are just side benefits, bonuses to healing on a mental level. 

I can safely say from where I sit today that these past 12 days have been an exercise in a restoration of confidence in myself, my skills, my abilities and who I am. And perhaps more that will unfold as the days go by. I also feel a great sense of accomplishment as I mentioned yesterday, with a different outlook on things. 

All of this is mind 'stuff' and it feels good to be back. 

Stats;  shoulder is better, cold is better, weight is still down about 10 lbs, I ate mashed veggies this morning and a small bowl of porridge with banana and cinnamon after doing juices/liquids all day yesterday. I also enjoyed a cup of dandelion coffee yesterday that was divine! 

One more thing, I realize fully (sense it as well as see it) that any time I over eat or eat poorly, it has been mainly due to lack of self confidence and 'mind' stuff for me. Perhaps this all comes back to the bullying that I experienced in my life and that was my way of coping with it, but I also found myself blaming or getting angry with myself for 'letting' it happen and then I would eat or crave foods that I did not need....hmmm. Lots to think about here as the deeper connections are being made.

Well, off to start my day, have a good one everyone,


Monday, 21 May 2012

Transition Day 11

This morning I was up early to have my glass of juice and savor the sweet feeling of another successful 10 Day Master Cleanse. Today will be a day of liquids that are richer and nutritious to bring the digestive system out of detox mode and back to work after the break. 

I am feeling very well health wise and perhaps even better mentally than I have in a while. Maybe the very last time I felt such a sense of accomplishment was when I completed the 40 Day MC, however I was tempted to say when I gave birth to my daughter at home in a free birth! I don't know why (right now anyway) I feel so strongly that this time I achieved something particularly wonderful, but it does certainly feel that way.

So, I am done, at least the cleanse part and I will drink juices today and start some veggies/stew tomorrow with some soft foods. Easy going enough on a very clean gut. My intuition has been telling me that much of what was removed from my system during this past few days was plastic, it was certainly very dark and very toxic and I am glad to be rid of it.

Whenever I do these detoxes (Master Cleanse and others) it tends to be like a walk through an unlit path, alone, into a  dark forest with only your senses to guide you. So when you come out the other side into the light again it is as if you have arrived into a part of heaven.

Its amazing what a sense of power within yourself can do and its equally disturbing how easily we are left defeated, run down, pushed and pulled out of ourselves by life. Doing things like this to lift up above that darkness is truly worth every minute!

Have a lovely day,


Day 10 - We Did It!

Here we are, at Day 10 - just 24 hours to go until tomorrow morning when we begin to transition our diets back to normal. I just did my last salt water flush, I drank my last senna tea yesterday evening so my system feels squeaky clean and renewed.

I am looking forward to some food again - but..... I would say in comparison to any other cleanses or fasts that I have done, this was by far the easiest. It might be that I am just getting used to it but I don't think so. As I know many other people who find it extremely difficult to complete subsequent cleanses after the first one, it is quite a challenge to do these again and again several times a year. No, I think that this is different. I am different, my level of discipline has improved along with my ability to focus and concentrate on achieving a goal.

And that I would put down to doing these cleanses and following an Intermittent Fasting lifestyle. So, it comes full circle here; the more I do this (2-4 times a year) the easier it has become because I am less toxic, more disciplined, more grounded and certain about what I am trying to achieve. 

The one key word that I have mentioned here so far is discipline. For most of my life that was a nasty negative word which meant fear, harm, worry, stress and pain. Of course it was always associated with keeping us in line as children and not anything near what it is meant to be about - which is following a set of guidelines to strengthen/improve/heal your body, mind and spirit. 

Oh, how far we have come from the truth into dark and murky waters that do not teach children anything about life, health, living, coping and achievement in the world we have created for ourselves. There are gentler ways to raise children, there are gentler ways to heal and support ourselves - finding them and applying them is key to a healthy body, a strong mind and a powerful spirit.

In the past I would have done nearly anything to lose excess weight, I would have given anything to feel and be well when I had cancer, I would have taken anything years ago to make me 'better'. When all along it is ends up being something so very simple, mundane and as ordinary as clean water and herbs that grow in the fields and I am well and truly in glowing health and at a healthy weight that has been easy to maintain.

My stats for this week - I started at 10 stone 2 lbs, I am now 9 stone 6 lbs - total loss of 10 pounds so far. I expect a couple more pounds will come off during this next few days as well then it will even out as some water weight is gained back. I did not do this to lose weight, however, as toxins are stored in the fat this is part of the overall process to loosen up the debris. 

Yesterday I had a slight headache and knew that I was in the last big detox cycle before this MC was finished, I was tired last night, and there were times I did not feel grounded and needed to go outside and walk around. However it was a busy day for me with lots going on so that might have had something to do with it. My shoulder is better, my cold is better, and I am certain that I have learned a few more things about myself. 

I will keep writing this blog - if you would like to know how I am doing, keep checking back here to read about my adventures in nutrition, fasting, cleanses and abundant health. See you tomorrow for transition!

Have a wonderful day,


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Today is Day 9

The sun is shining a little bit so far this morning as I wait for the kettle to boil for my herbal teas. I am feeling pretty good, this Master Cleanse has been a pleasure to follow during these past few days - as I have mentioned before, I feel as if I have found a secret to deeper healing. And who would have thought that it would be this easy!

So, taking stock of my health as of right now - my shoulder is better, my cold is gone, I have energy, my skin is clear, my eyes are bright - all that is missing is my nose is wet and my tail is wagging!! LOL

All in all it has been a good MC overall and I look forward to these next 48 hours or so to see what other surprises my body has in store for me. One thing that never ceases to amaze me is the power of the mind in all of this healing work. 

I had tapped into that years ago when I healed myself of cancer using diet, exercise, herbs and will power - but its funny how as life goes on and the crisis abates, we forget that we do have a source of strength to draw on that is a force all on its own.

I feel as if I have worked my way back to that power centre deep into the tissues of my being and perhaps this is what was being blocked by the frozen shoulder. Once again my body taking me by the hand and leading me inwards towards the origin of the problem and helping me to sort it out.

All our bodies ask from us is to listen and follow the instructions. Finding your inner voice is simple - however it is not what you think and I have seem many people over the years mistake a voice that is not their own for their body voice. I remember a woman who always insisted her body was asking for sugary snacks, pain killers and needed coffee! She was listening to something, but it was not her body. 

Your body will not ever ask for sugar, treats, alcohol or any thing that might harm or poison it. This voice is subtle, soft and like a gentle breeze rising up from the edges of a great distance - is felt as well as heard. 

So, that is where I am at this 9th day of my Master Cleanse! This is going to be a great day...


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Day 8 is Here!

Well, it was nice waking up this morning knowing that in only 72 hours or so, I will have completed another 10 day Master Cleanse. It always feels like such an accomplishment each time I do this - as I learn, discover and feel further ahead within myself. 

Needless to say this has been a most productive MC as per usual with my shoulder back to normal as well as all the other positives of completing a detox. I was thinking about this yesterday - when I realized that my skin was so smooth and soft, when I was doing Yoga, I realized that I just had that much more flexibility for the asanas, my eyes are clear and I have a cleaned out feeling in my gut that only a MC cleanse can bring.

I still have clear symptoms of detox as well - my tongue is coated, during the day I will have random aches, that come and go, yesterday my back hurt for a little while then it was ok. My sense of smell is through the roof - this always happens! I wonder what a cat or dog must feel like, I can smell things for a mile. 

Of course, my sense of energy and movement in other dimensions is keener too and I can 'see' beings, ghosts, spirits and far into other worlds. This sense is always good as I am an Intuitive, yet when doing a cleanse its as if my senses are 'on' all the time. Heightened sense of perception, I guess.

So, now we are planning for Day 11 - the days following a MC are pretty important as well. On the first day off of this detox we drink juices and smoothies made only of fruit or vegetables. Then on Day 12, I will make a brothy soup from vegetables and mung beans and more juice. It won't be until Day 13 that we will actually have a 'meal' with anything other than vegetables etc. 

We usually eat pretty healthy so this is not a big change for us. As I mentioned yesterday - we are not hungry really, there are just cravings for certain foods and it is always surprising what comes up. I can't wait to have a piece of home made bread with guacamole! And a baked sweet potato sounds divine right now. Really simple foods.

My energy levels are a little lower today and I can feel myself going into another big detox cycle, perhaps one last big push to remove more toxins before this is finished. However, I was up late last night and that might have something to do with it too. 

Well, I hope that you are enjoying this blog and learning about cleansing and detoxing - as much as I am. It never ceases to amaze me, I learn something new each time I do this.

Have a lovely day,


Friday, 18 May 2012

Now on Day 7

The days seem to be going by fairly quickly, I am busy at home, so this Master Cleanse is not too bad at all. Each day now gets easier as I am not feeling overly hungry or anything and clearer (more grounded) each day.

So, what to talk about for Day 7 -hmmm. One of the things that my family does each time we do a Cleanse (yes, we do it together) is that as we get closer to the finish line we start a list of foods that we would love to eat when we are done. 

These lists have evolved over the past while to become quite interesting from a nutrition perspective. I wish I had kept them all now because it would nearly make up a lesson in the miracle of detoxing. In the beginning when we were doing this for a few days at a time, the cravings for food might be for treats when we finished the MC. Not that we eat sugar or anything, but more along the lines of snacks and stuff.

This time, is quite different. We are all craving veggies (this is normal), beans, garlic, herbed bread etc. More savory foods but also just looking forward to some simply prepared mung bean stew with lots of root vegetables and perhaps some garlic toast. Gentle, soothing and comfort foods perhaps? 

How I feel today --  My energy levels are quite good again today, the cold/flu is pretty well gone and my shoulder, other than feeling tight is back to normal. I have been doing a variety of exercises using my shoulder to keep it loose and moving and have had no problems with it whatsoever. I am doing about 20 minutes of Yoga, mini free weight session of about 5 minutes each, low weight kettle bells, walking and cycling again for short bursts of about 5-7 minutes each. My shoulder feels fine and .....

I. AM. ASTONISHED. --- I have had this condition (frozen shoulder) several times and in the past (many years ago in my teens and twenties) would have taken anti-inflammatories but refused the steroid injections. Can you believe that we would fill our bodies up with chemicals and drugs when this is what it takes to actually heal it, completely?? What would happen if everyone who had a frozen shoulder did a detox for a few days and calmed down the inflammation enough for the shoulder to heal? I actually know people who have had surgery for this condition - as it can last for months and it is very painful.

Today, I have no pain. My shoulder is better and I have full movement in the joint. It has been 7 days of a Master Cleanse. Imagine what a person can do - imagine all that healing force within your body just waiting for the opportunity to be released unimpeded!! This is what I have been talking about with doing a MC. For me, it has come full circle here - I have proven to myself over and over again that I can do exactly this as my body heals itself gently, easily and quickly using only water and herbs.

Well, off to enjoy my day, have a good one yourself,


Thursday, 17 May 2012

And On the 6th Day....

Another day and another layer of toxins have left the building! I must say that by early morning yesterday I was feeling better than I have in months and I usually feel pretty good. My energy levels are great and I even did a few mini workouts yesterday - lifting weights again with my shoulder without a problem.

So, how am I feeling today - well when I turn my head to one side I can feel it catch and a tightness. However there is not much pain, just a small ache in the one area. It has completely settled down. My cold is better, but I have a cold sore now! Which is typical for me, I usually get one with a flu. Oh well.

Yesterday was a surprising day for me in that a lot of deeply buried emotions were coming up to the surface as well as all the physical stuff. And it was all about being bullied as a child and in my life day to day. I think that most of us are bullied in some way - however we have come to refer to it as 'normal human interaction' and dismiss these low feelings we experience as a result of the contact with these people. 

It felt like I was watching myself in slow motion - I was being pushed by someone to do something I did not want to do. Then gave in to it and for the rest of the afternoon felt disappointed and low in myself. And when thinking over why I was doing it - kept coming up with guilt, obligation and then a blank! So, not my stuff clearly an energy transfer that I needed to sort out.

If you were ever bullied, especially as a child you know exactly what I am talking about. This is like a download of negativity that has been inserted into our souls and needs to find a way out. And there is a part of me that sees bullying as evil as well. Something about this demented behaviour is sinister and it makes the hair stand up on my neck just thinking about it. 

I was not expecting this to come up during this Master Cleanse because I was so focused on the physical healing that needed to take place and not fully connecting it to the bullied emotional/energetic/spiritual layer of myself even when I know full well that is how this works and that anything might come to the surface. LOL

However I am pleased that more of this old pattern is moving and perhaps will entirely shift for me once and for all. Who knows, maybe even more of these patterns will surface as the physical block is sorted out and then I will really be moving forward.

On the weight loss side, I am down about 5 or 6 pounds, which is what I would expect right now and I am feeling light and strong. Very grounded within myself which the herbs have a lot to do with, I am certain. 

Well, off to get going with my day - I am looking forward now to see what this one brings! Have a good one everybody.


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Its Day 5!!! Half Way

Morning all,

'The answer is blowing in the wind' - as usual I have been really drawn to listening to music first thing in the morning when the house is still quiet and I actually get some time to myself. Of course some of the old classics are soothing for the soul! 

Well, I made it through day 4 - flying it actually. So far this has been the easiest MC that I have done, in terms of feeling lots of energy, clarity and certainty about what I want to accomplish. Part of that I would put down to the fact that I have done so much Intermittent Fasting over the past few months that my body is a clearer or more grounded place.

However, some of it may have to do with the fact that it is spring and the sun is shining (at least in the morning) making me feel great each day getting up. Sort of like urging me forward with this detox in every way. 

I have been keeping busy finishing up projects and working from home which is what I usually do, however I do take time out to paint or draw a picture during the day with the kids as well as sit in the sun for a few minutes and get into the garden to pull some weeds around the herbs (yes, I know, herbs are weeds LOL).

One thing that I commonly find during a detox such as this is that I have an urge to clean - my house is generally clean and mostly tidy, however I always know that the cleanse is working on some deeper levels when I find myself wiping out drawers and organizing closets a little better. Cleaning outside - cleaning inside.

This reminds me of another issue when it comes to cleaning - I would not use harsh chemicals in my house nor would I use them inside of my body. One of the main reasons to remove toxins in general from you diet - all toxins - as they will accumulate and cause harm. Poison is still poison no matter how attractive the package. 

So what are these toxins that I am talking about - well we can start with any medication, synthetic chemicals, drugs, alcohol, highly processed foods, night shades, sugar, and food known to be contaminated with any of the above. Before you choose to believe that this will leave you with nothing left to eat - I eat. My family eats. And we eat very well choosing a wide variety of great tasting, high quality and interesting foods.

The reason I mention the above toxins and poisons is because this is what you will be removing from your body during your Master Cleanse should you decide to try one. Many times our livers are busy processing so many other things coming into our bodies that these toxins accumulate and build up in the tissues (one of the functions of fat leading to over weight) if you want to lose weight effectively and keep it off, do a detox at the same time as part of a weight loss program and it is more likely to stay off.

However, 10 days would just be the beginning for many of us, as there is a lot to remove, heal and re-build from years of poor lifestyle, unhealthy eating and exposure to contaminants. 

I just realized that I have written all of this and have not yet told you how I feel! I am much better, my shoulder is 80% back to normal with only one area that is still sore, most mobility is restored and I can raise my arms over my head without a problem.  My cold is on its last legs as well and I am sleeping very deeply at night. 

I did some exercise a couple of times yesterday as well which makes me feel great and plan to do yoga today, especially after dreaming of it last night! See, what I mean about those dreams, they will inform you of what you should be doing to keep the detox cycle going and the body healing.

Oh, and as many people wonder about the weight loss aspect of the Master Cleanse, even though that was not my reason for starting a cleanse at this time - I can give you some statistics. I am about 5'10 and weigh about 10 stone. My weight has come down about 3 lbs during the past 5 days. If you have weight to lose, you will lose a lot more and there have been times when I have lost weight rapidly when doing a Master Cleanse.

The weight is mostly water for me and some will likely go back on, but not all as fat, toxins etc are also reduced significantly. However, I can tell you that immediately following a MC is an ideal time to build up muscle, so I plan on jumping into my free weights again as soon as I am finished the 10 days.

I hope that you are enjoying my posts on this, I am certainly enjoying writing this as I go along. I recorded my 40 day MC as well and plan to put it in my book on fasting that will be ready soon.

Have  a lovely day!


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Master Cleanse Day 4

So, here we are at Day 4 - and yesterday was not a bad day overall. To report in on how I am feeling firstly- Feeling Much better! My shoulder is steadily improving (fastest time ever) after only 5 days I am able to lift my arm up over my head and I am actually sleeping at night.

If any of you have ever had frozen shoulder, you probably know what I am talking about - the last time I had this, close to about 5 years ago, I was a few months before I was able to raise my arm over my head fully. And I never slept for weeks, it is that painful to lie down, mostly because pressure is then placed on the back of the body, I suppose.

I was also able to move my arm up and behind my back up to my shoulder - another move that is impossible with a frozen shoulder. Now, I still have a bit of pain, it is still uncomfortable and sore. There are actual tender spots across my neck and shoulder where the inflammation is. However, they do appear to be receding into one main area. All good!

Yesterday I was trying to note what I was feeling so that I could tell you about it - one of the main things that was coming up for me (and I was happy that it was because it can be rare enough) is that I was again 'remembering' or having very early memories surface from infancy and early childhood. It feels as if these things are coming up and out from the bones or somewhere equally deeply buried. I was aware of the deep level of detoxing that was taking place and just observing the thoughts that were moving through my mind.

One of the things that I was 'remembering' was how my gut felt after having been fed as a small infant. I was given Carnation evaporated milk in tins from the first week of life because it was cheaper than formula and I would imagine it shut me up and made me sleep for a few hours. Now, if any of you know anything about cows milk - it is completely indigestible by infants as well as an inadequate diet from a nutrition perspective. And I do think that now there is a warning on these cans to not use as infant formula!

Its a wonder I have not had more issues with my gut and health than I have in my life. I was aware yesterday of these deeply embedded toxins from that milk loosening up and moving out. And memories associated with that time were also coming up - so I spent the day reminiscing and thinking back to my childhood in Newfoundland. Seems like lifetimes ago now.

Other than all of this - my cold is much better, the sun is shining (sort of) and I feel a fairly good level of energy overall. I had very interesting dreams last night - I usually dream a lot since I changed my diet, and over the years have kept dozens of dream journals, so that it nothing new, however in one dream I was told that one more day and some issue that I had been working on would be sorted! Now to uncover which issue that is.... LOL

When I did the 40 day Master Cleanse I had dreams in which I would be informed that on day 25 or something like that - a particular 'thing' would come to the surface and for me to pay attention. It felt as if this same thing was happening again. And I am pleased - because this shows me without a doubt how inline I am with my body as well as how much the body appreciates the care it receives from healthy living and detoxing.

As it is Day 4, I did another salt water flush first thing this morning as well and I must tell you - it was easy! Again, I now know that this (perhaps ALL things about healthy living) are simply a mindset. If and when you decide to take charge of your own health, healing and well-being, then it becomes an absolute pleasure. And your body thanks you with continued health and vitality.

Well, off to do some work! Hope that you are all enjoying my blog. Maybe tomorrow I will write more about my experiences with Intermittent Fasting, which I credit for changing my life and moving me to better and higher ground.

Have a lovely day,


Monday, 14 May 2012

Master Cleanse Day 3

Good Morning!

Another sunny day here in West Cork, so far anyway. Hope to get out into the garden today again. I am just waiting right now for the kettle to boil to make my tea and Master Cleanse juice for the day. So, we made into another day, it is now day 3 of the cleanse, this is usually the day where the worst is behind you in terms of adjustment and it is just counting off the days from now on. 

Of course, there is a bit of a detox cycle - and I hope that I can explain my experiences adequately during these next few days. The detox cycle has to do with the kinds, amounts and level of toxins moving within the system as a result of the cleanse. We are literally forcing toxins out to the surface and then eliminating them from our systems via the bowel, urine, skin and breath. Many people find that this happens in waves - one day a rash or bumpy skin, then another day slight nausea, you could experience a slight headache, aches or pain and any number of different emotions such as anger, sadness, elation etc.

I was noticing a couple of things yesterday - that as the day moved on my shoulder was gaining more movement and felt freer. The pain and discomfort is still there but once again it is much reduced from yesterday morning and I have less restriction in my neck. I felt happy to be doing this and more in control of my life and it was a productive day overall with getting a lot done. You would be amazed how much time, energy and effort is involved in thinking about food, preparing food, eating food and cleaning up! When you are not doing these things (I am still cooking for my children) then there is energy for many other things.

I still have a cold, and my ears keep popping, but not as many aches and pains. I went to bed early last night thinking that I would not sleep very well, but I did manage to get some sleep even with a stuffy nose! Last night I took Senna tea which is the other part of the elimination process, again we only drink the tea every other day. Apparently the senna tea loosens up and moves debris from the upper bowels down to be eliminated because it causes slight cramping. Combined with the salt water flush on alternating days, you can actually keep these toxins moving out very well.

I was asked a great question yesterday about the Master Cleanse - how do you handle the hunger? So I thought that I would post my answer on today's blog entry. Hunger has come to mean something very different to me (us) over this past while doing regular fasts, cleanses and detoxes. 

I feel that there are 2 stages of hunger, the largest one being mental or in the mind. In sports psychology it has long been said that 90% of winning is mental while only 10% involves skill. Here with the desire to create change within your body, the same rules apply. This is entirely a mental process - when you overcome the negatives, fear and worst of all - the social conditioning that exists around food, you can do anything you want with regards to health, healing and diet. 

I feel that there is hunger and there is an empty stomach - both of these are different from each other. In our society we do not know hunger, we are well (over) nourished and going without solid food for a few days will only enhance and improve our health not take away from it. Hunger is the mental or mind part of this that you will have to overcome - you know how your stomach grumbles at 5 o'clock simply because it is 'time' to eat? We are acting like Pavlov's dogs, eat around the clock, little will power to refuse 
rubbish foods and just because someone dangles something in front of our noses we must have it. NOW.

An empty stomach is what you experience when your digestive system is emptied out and allowed to heal, revive and restore itself as a result of the Master Cleanse. An empty stomach is a physical thing and not a mental process, and actually quite easy to deal with compared to the mind! Hunger from an empty stomach comes in waves which subside by about day 3 for the most part. I am aware that my stomach is empty however it feels natural because I 'know' I am doing a detox. Every time you feel a wave of hunger you can drink your 'juice' and it goes away or sip on some water or herbal tea.

For people who believe that they cannot cope with the hunger - this is not a physical issue, this is a mental decision. Once you start doing a Master Cleanse, your body shifts into detox mode and not only works very efficiently to get toxins out quickly, but enjoys the process as well. How do I know this? Because I listen to my body (part of my job as a Medical Intuitive LOL) and I just feel better overall so I know that my body is in line with the process.

I have found that the single biggest result of my detoxes, cleanses and healthy lifestyle over these past few years has been regaining control over my own mind. I did not like the feeling of a lack of will power, fears and doubts about my health and weight nor did I wish to be controlled by marketing (I have a degree in food marketing) and have others tell me what to eat and when. 

In essence I wanted to eat healthy food, make healthy choices, live a superior lifestyle and enjoy it! To achieve this takes involving the mind on the highest level which is one of the most positive outcomes of a Master Cleanse.

Onwards and Upwards or as they say in Narnia - further up and further in!!


Sunday, 13 May 2012

Day 2 Master Cleanse

Woke up this morning after having slept better than I have in weeks, pain has subsided about 30% and my cold is 50% better. Its funny but these were not the things that I noticed right away! It was how my mind was ticking over - as if I just felt more positive and that my attitude was better in general.

Normally whenever I do a MC, I do a salt water flush every other day. So this morning was the 2nd day of the cleanse and it needed to be done. I drank the salty water in my best time ever and with no problems. Even as I was drinking it I was thinking to myself that this really is all in my mind. If I want to drink it and 'like it', then I can decide to do just that.

Needless to say it was the best salt water flush ever and I feel even better now after having done it. So, this is where it gets a bit like too much information. But, if you really want to know all about a Master Cleanse then this is a big part of the process. 

You drink 4 cups of water with 2 teaspoons of sea salt every other day (that's what I do) to clear out any debris in the bowel that has come loose as a result of the detoxing. You have to drink the mixture first thing in the morning, as quickly as possible, before taking even a sip of water and then move around until it works. Which usually happens within the hour, sometimes faster. And it does work, it cleans you out making you feel bright, light and energized.

Detox Symptoms:

When I went to bed last night I had a slight headache, but that was really no different from the last few days as I was getting a cold. Can't really say it was because of the Master Cleanse and detoxing. My hands are coming up in a bumpy rash which usually happens every time I do a Master Cleanse, so that is not a surprise and I also equate it to the detox process as well my tongue is really coated this morning. Another good sign of the toxins moving and coming out of my system.

What I really enjoy about each of these cleansing and fasting times is that I get so much done. I usually work extensively on my self but I also have other work that tends to be put off so this usually gets some attention. 

Under normal circumstances I practice Intermittent Fasting (I have developed my own methods) a couple times a week for a few hours combined with my exercise routine which i find really works for me. That brings me back to another thing - even before I was up and out of bed my mind was ticking over the kinds of exercise I can do with my shoulder as it is. I can still cycle, walk, skip rope and a few other things that will not require me to raise my arm. I feel more or less back on track here!

Last night I made another comfrey compress for my shoulder and continue to make the herbal teas to heal my shoulder up from the inside. Now it's just a matter of time for this energy to shift and the healing process to proceed. It feels great to be fully supporting that function of my body and equally empowering to be in touch with it. 

Off and running on day 2! Talk to you tomorrow.....


Saturday, 12 May 2012

10 Day Master Cleanse

Today is day 1 of a Master Cleanse. I decided to blog it this time to let anyone who might be interested know how easy and great this process/method of detoxing can be. I am drinking my 'juice' which is fresh organic lemon juice, water, herbal tea, pinch of pepper and maple syrup.

I use herbs in the water to help make the detox part of this work more efficiently. The last time I did this cleanse was before Christmas and I did it for 40 days. Massive time of awakening for me - think about it, nothing to do but carry on with your day, not digesting solid food, so all that energy is free to heal, shift, change and open up.

Today is only day 1, so this is the easy part usually. I do not drink caffeine or eat sugar etc so have no addictions to come off of. And my diet is usually organic, so that is good. I would not expect too much of an adjustment in the first few days which can be the hardest part as your digestion winds down.

So, why do a Master Cleanse now? Well, I have been doing some free weights lately and my shoulder  just froze....this is the 4th or 5th time in my life for this to happen with the same shoulder. And this used to happen long before I used free weights. It used to take me months to get this shoulder better in the past, and even though I have fasted over the years, I never did think of using a Master Cleanse to see if that would sort it out sooner.

So, here goes. I am coming down with a cold too (everyone else is just getting better), so this might be a  fun 10 days! And, I suspect it might do the trick. Right now I am in so much pain with my shoulder, from my neck down to my hand at times, that I would try anything. I remember this well from when my shoulder froze before. 

In my energy world I would say that there is 'energy' there in the shoulder that needs to be released, maybe this time with gentle exercise, herbs, massage, MC, and Closing Energy Leaks(c) - I will finally get to the bottom of it and sort it out once and for all.

So, a Master Cleanse - what is it? Well, basically for the next 10 days I will take no solid foods. Do light exercise, drink my liquid 'juice' and let my body do its work. I have done many over the years and always find that they move me to new and higher ground. Many people do these for quick weight loss as you can lose up to a stone over the 10 days, while I know of a lot of healing that also happens. Especially good for getting the digestion cleaned out, rested and in better form. 

I have long said that with a Master Cleanse 10 days is physical healing, 20 days is emotional healing and 40 days is spiritual healing. I have done each of these at different times since 2001 and perhaps it is time to do them all again!

I hope to keep you posted on my progress over these coming few days.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Mask of Morality

Sometimes something just doesn't sit well with me and I need to say it out loud to get it off my chest - but more than that I want others to know, that I KNOW. Does that make sense?

So, what is it that I know and I want you to know that I know? goes like this. Healers. Energy workers. Light workers. Therapists. Counsellors. blah blah blah. There are so many out there calling themselves different things. 

Well, my issue is that there are so many who are NOT called to do any thing like they are doing (the healing work) and should in no way shape or form be involved in the field. This is false. It is no different than living a lie. However, what is worse is that they are taking so many people into the lie with them!

There are people on this planet who job/calling/destiny/purpose it is to work with others in a healing capacity. However, it is not anything near the number that are currently in the business. 

So what is wrong with this picture? If you are called to be a healer, it will actually form a strand in your DNA and your life will lead you on to that path, as if you cannot get away from it. The path is inward, not outward. 

So, that's a lot of people you might be thinking? Not really. That path will also lead you to perfect health, to a place where you must take exquisite care of your body, mind and soul through food, exercise and healthy lifestyle. 

You cannot heal if you are not healing yourself. You cannot heal yourself if you ignore the body, the mind or the soul. It simply does not work that way. 

Take off your mask, we know who you are.