Sunday, 29 May 2011

I reverted back to the old name...

As some of you already know my blog as Angel Files, I decided to go back to this name, it is simpler and I don't feel as hemmed in by restricting myself to talking only about food. I want to talk about all that I do, think, feel and wonder - so here it is.

 If you ever have any questions, please email, text, ring or tweet me.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Organic food- Taste the Difference

We usually have organic popcorn on a movie night and enjoy it thoroughly. But last week, there wasn't any to be found at the shops, so we got the next best thing 'natural' popcorn. The first occasion to try it was last night, and what a difference between the two.

We have been exclusively eating organic food for many years, and only now and then does something that is not organic, wild harvested or bio get into the house. You tend to forget the subtle and not so subtle differences that food grown without chemicals makes.

The popcorn made last night did not pop as well, we only got about 3/4 of popped corn compared to organic stuff. We ate it, it wasn't horrible, but there were differences in the taste, smell and texture. It just wasn't as good as the organic popcorn that we had been eating.

So, today, I went on a hunt to find some organic popcorn! Perhaps after so many years of eating better our taste buds are fully functional and refuse anything less. I still remember a few years ago after I made a complete switch to all organic (and vegan at the time) when one day I tasted an almond and it was like an explosion of all these subtle flavours that I had never noticed before. I finally understood what wine tasters might experience- notes like music bursting along the tongue as the almond was eaten. 

Recently I came across a video of someone speaking about herbs and how organic and wild harvested are far superior to others, especially if they are being used as medicine and in a healing capacity. So, I am pleased that I only offer and use these myself and it confirmed what I have known all along.

Organic is worth the money, all good food is worth it. Remember it is the vibration or the energy of the food that matters as much as the food itself. Plants that are grown under a rota of chemical sprays do not have the energetic qualities that I am looking for in my food. These chemicals, like medication, lower the vitality and life force or perhaps even destroy it. 

Go as organic as you can, your body will thank you for it. 

Thursday, 26 May 2011

So what does a nutritionist eat?

I get asked this question all the time, and I also hear the comment, if I cut out wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine etc, then what do I eat??? LOL So, I decided to show you the foods that I am cooking from time to time, and prove that there is plenty to eat, especially with all of the toxins removed.

For dinner I made a lovely salad with grated carrot, apple, juice of an orange, then some salad greens like the cress (I added some fresh spinach leaves too). Very fresh, spicy and uplifting.

Then I chopped the cabbage with onion and garlic this was stir fried until tender, it smells divine! And I sliced some hard boiled duck eggs to go with it all as the protein source. With a piece of fresh spelt bread, it was filling and tasty.

Add a little fresh coriander, salt and pepper and you have lovely flavours too! 

Maybe next time I will do my spelt bread.....hmmm

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I used to eat that...

These days I spend a lot of time watching and listening, and I realise that I have done this for some time. I am still so aware of what others are saying about the food that they are eating and drinking. We are bombarded with food, adverts, shows, books, blogs- yet look at us. Health is still such a very important issue. So what are we doing wrong on the food front? 

One of the reasons I wanted to get back into keeping a blog like this is to share my journey back to health, all thanks to food. I no longer feel that I am eating the wrong things, I know that the food I choose to eat nourishes me and my family. 

Lately we are growing more than ever in the garden, in a small green house and are all just really enjoying that while we have lots of other things to complain about, it is not health related and at one time it was. 

I work as a nutrition therapist, conduct research, am a Medical Intuitive and combine all that I do into some kind of Energy Medicine for the body, mind and soul. At the basis of all of this is the food, water, herbs and exercise habits that I use every day to keep me healthy and moving forward in this awakening world.

This is a blog about eating the right foods to stay healthy as a practitioner of Energy Medicine, a therapist, a healer, a spiritual teacher, a light worker and anything that you may call yourself these days. If you work with or around energy, and you do not take specific care for yourself, you will become depleted, unwell and sick. High energy work demands a high energy diet. 

Come, follow me, I know 'The Way'