Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Closing the Energy Leaks & Intuition - Protecting Your Energy in the Healing Professions

Proecting Your Energy in the Healing Professions
27th September Tuesday 2pm to 5pm Caheragh West Cork

Closing Energy Leaks & Intuition

If you find you are bringing your work home, feeling drained at the end of the day, losing heart with all you do – part of this problem will be physical, some of it will be emotional and lots will be energetic. There is so much you can do to make yourself feel better, regain your energy, boost your health – when you know more about the mechanics of how your energy field works as part of your whole body system.

On offer are several sessions (intensive) on how to protect, heal, fix, alter, change and shore up your energy field, physical body, mind & spirit while living, working and walking in today’s world as a person who is empathic, sensitive, intuitive and here to do great things.

During each of these classes we will explore how an energy field works, how damage occurs, what we can expect to change, how long it will take, Closing Energy Leaks©, energy vampires and how to start taking immediate steps to heal and seal your body.

This first afternoon session is on Closing Energy Leaks & INTUITION – starting with the primary source and gateway to all dimensions of healing and higher consciousness. We will explore the function, mechanism and spiritual connections of how to take our own self-care to a higher level while learning how to listen to our inner voice.

Lifestyle, food, fasting for health, exercise, herbs, water and nature will all feature in the lesson plan with lots of examples, stories and discussion on practical application of being who you are meant to be.

These techniques and information are an essential part of being the best in your field while bringing out the best in your work. Finding your inner voice is the first step to going higher and deeper.

When:  27th September 2016
Time:  2pm to 5pm
Where: Caheragh, West Cork (near Skibbereen)

€55 each session (great value, open to all)
     Booking essential email: info@aprildanann.com or text 0872361616

Monday, 8 August 2016

Workshops, Market Stall, Nature & Me

 We are approaching the harvest time of year, the special gifts of nature are being presented for those of us willing to wander into streams, trudge through hedgerows, follow the honey bee trail and listen to the hum of magic on the wind.

The only thing asked of us is to be ourselves.

This has become my motto over the years, if I can only get back to myself, I will find who I have always been, waiting for me there. 

Nature knows the way, shares her secrets and guides those who are pure of heart. 


If you can, come out for one of my workshops, classes or talks over the next little while. Or get one of my books, these books are very special and important. Stop by my market stall for a browse and a chat, ask me a question. I will try to answer from my heart and the wisdom nature has been teaching me. 

We are often walking this journey by ourselves, but we are not alone.


Taste of West Cork week - special offerings at my Wild Food Lab in Caheragh, Drimoleague West Cork.

Fermentation Workshop with Food Scientist April Danann

Fermentation Workshop 12 September, 6:30 pm to 9:45 or so, we will cover all main areas of fermentation, plus the nature of nutrition, food creation and alchemy. You will taste, stir, discuss, write and together take your food experience to the next level. This is an important food group for us all, please make time to learn all you can about starting your own ferments. Your body will flourish and your health will recover. €65 includes extensive notes, tastings, snacks, drinks & sourdough Mother starter to take home. email info@aprildanann.com or ring/text 0872361616

Sourdough Bread - Malted Grain

Nettle Beer

Natural Bee Keeping Workshop & Slide Show

Natural Bee Keeping 13 September 5pm to 7pm, in our Wild Food Lab with Trevor Danann, April & Max Danann - lots to talk about, on this evening event, we have our slides, our bees, some honey and our medicinal herb garden as the setting. As custodians of the bees, it is our duty to learn all we can in order to ensure we have thriving natural colonies of bees. Everywhere. We will look at costs, equipment, habitat, natural treatments, housing, specific issues and much more! Great slide show, view some of our hives.....honey tasting and a special discussion on April's Medicinal Herb studies....€25 - bargain price, no excuses, caring for the bees benefits us all. Email info@aprildanann.com or ring/text 0872361616

Friday, 24 June 2016

Fermentation Workshop 4th July in Rosscarbery West Cork

My next workshop in West Cork 4th July! A full on evening of fermenting fun for wild foodies......we will cover the entire range of fermented foods to get you started on your journey to great gut health! Contact www.flavour.ie to book your space.....Looking forward to seeing you there  
text or ring Kate on 0862059360

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Up Coming Workshops!

Protecting Your Energy in Changing Times
Workshop with Medical Intuitive and Scientist April Danann

An afternoon intensive with Medical Intuitive and Scientist April Danann, on how to protect, heal, fix , alter, change and shore up your energy field (and body, mind and spirit) while living, working and walking in today’s world.

We will explore how the energy field works, how damage occurs, what we can expect to change, how long it will take and how to start taking immediate steps to heal it. Most importantly, we will talk about how it affects your entire body and some simple ways to effectively protect all of you.

For further in formation go to www.aprildanann.com

Sunday 6th March 2016 at Halla Ceann Tra Ventry

Time 2.30pm to 530pmCost 60 euro (including light refreshments

For more info and to book please call Sarah 0877099705


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Fermentation Workshop 25th & 26th January 2016 in The Happy Pear & Skibbereen

Upcoming Workshops and Courses

Wild Fermentation – Living Water 25th at The Happy Pear
26th in Skibbereen West Cork
Fermentation of food & drink is an ancient art and a necessary skill to maintain a healthy, balanced gut – turning ordinary vegetables, fruit and water into a healthy, tasty & probiotic food is the ultimate quest for the Food Alchemist.

Join April Danann, Food Scientist, Clinical Naturopathic Nutritionist and an expert in Living Water wild fermentation techniques, for an evening in nature reconnecting to the finer points of nourishing your soul.

During this evening practical workshop you will be introduced to several methods of fermenting foods, various means of increasing nutritional content and bioavailability of nutrients as well as how to create exquisite tasting high vibration tonics.

Included in the evening are complete notes, your own sourdough starter to take home, loads of tastings and samples of food that is Alive!

Come out and join Rebel Foods Market Stall’s own Intuitive Rebel Nutritionist in the stunning setting of Liss Ard Estate, Skibbereen West Cork for Wild Fermentation – Living Water!

25th at The Happy Pear (contact The Happy Pear to register)
26th January 2016 evening class at 6:30pm 

€65 for workshop, includes your very own sourdough starter Mother culture with complete notes

on sale on the night - April’s Triple Goddess Mother Cultures, fermenting jar, books, recipes & notes

Contact April Danann on mobile 087 236 1616 or email: info@aprildanann.com to book your place, 50% deposit required to hold a seat...booking essential, spaces limited to the kitchen in the Lake Lodge.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Spiritual Soup - 9 December 2015 - Next Gathering

4 Dates of Great Importance for the coming Year: 

Spiritual Soup

date change to 9 December 2015

v  Do you want to change your life?
v  Are you interested in working with nature and connecting to a deeper part of yourself?
v  Do you ever feel drawn to the New and Full Moons – wanting to understand more?
v  Is the spiritual side of you shriveling up from lack of care/attention/nourishment?

If this is you – or perhaps, you’re not sure what is yours anymore - why not come out to a gathering of women where you will be part of something special, spiritual, light and real with a focus on moving forward from the things that hold us back. We will find your focus….

This is life changing work – It is Time for You

Where: Liss Ard Estate, Skibbereen
When: 9th December (NM), 24th January (FM)
Time:   6:00pm each evening (light ceremonial meal offered)
Cost: €55

Please reserve your space with April on 0872361616 or email info@aprildanann.com deposit necessary

Our womens' classes have been going great! This next one is just before the New Moon - next week on 9th December at 6pm or so. If you would like to attend please contact April to reserve your space

Christmas Cactus - ready to bloom